Requesting a Transcript Online

Online - only available if you attended after 1995. (If you attended before 1985 the transcript will need to be requested by fax, mail, or in person.)

  • To request a transcript online, log into myUVU.
  •  If you do not know or remember your UV ID click on "Find my UV ID" and complete the requested information, (When entering your name, please use the name you last attended under).  Your UV ID will be displayed.  If you know your password, continue to login.  If you have set up security questions, you can reset your password. If you have not set up security questions try your birthdate (MMDDYY), if this does not work, call our office at 801-863-8888 for assistance.
  • click on the current studentformer student tab then choose My Academics, under Academic information you will find the Academic Transcript Request.

After choosing Academic Transcript Request, follow the information below:

       1.  If you are sending the transcript to another school go to the External College Code field and Look up the College Code from the list by clicking on the link.  (NOTE:  We send transcripts to most Utah schools (including BYU) via overnight electronic transfer.  If you need to have the transcript sent to any department other than Admissions, type in the name of the department or graduate school in the Issue to  field.) (There is a code listed for BYU graduate Studies.)  ATTENTION:  For the Regents Scholarships and The New Century Scholarship put the code U00119 for the Regents Scholarship and U00118 for the New Century Scholarship in the College Code field for these transcripts to be sent electronically.

       2.  If you are not sending the transcript to another school or if you cannot find the school on the list, go to the Issue to field and type in the person or college name. (Enter your name if you are sending the transcript to yourself.) If you want your transcript to be faxed, type FAX in the Issue to field, you enter the FAX number in the phone number field.  Note: If you are faxing your transcript to another school, make sure they accept a faxed transcript as official, some do not.  Hit Continue.

       3.  Verify the name and address on this screen. (This is the information that will print on the transcript and where it will be mailed or faxed.  If your transcript is to be faxed, enter the fax number either on the first line of the Street Address or in the Phone Number field.)  Hit Continue.

       4.  Choose the number of transcripts you want sent.  (DO NOT CHANGE OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT to NO.   If it is changed the transcript request will not process.)  If you want the classes you are currently enrolled in to print on your transcript, choose the current semester from the In Progress Cut-off Term field.  Choose to either Fax or Mail your transcript (If you choose to FAX your transcript, make sure you have supplied us with a FAX number) Hit Continue.

       5.  Verify the information (Note: the "Issued to field" is the first line of the Address.)

      6. There is a fee of $5 per transcript, you will need to pay the fee with a credit card before the transcript request will be processed.

UVU Students

For More Information Contact:

Registration/Records Office Administration Building, Mailcode 106
800 West University Parkway
Orem, UT 84058
(801) 863-3171

Transcripts may not be ordered by telephone or e-mail. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended, requires the school to have a signed and dated written release before issuing transcripts. Online ordering does constitute legal consent under US privacy laws.

Transcript Request Form(pdf)