What are your grading options?

COVID-19 has changed the school year in profound, unexpected, and unprecedented ways. Institutions across the state, country, and world are working to provide students with the best experience possible given the circumstances - UVU is no exception. We absolutely understand how you, as a student, have been affected by sudden course delivery changes in the middle of a semester. We thank you for your patience and commend you on your grit and endurance in a very challenging time.

Because of these unprecedented circumstances, we are offering some flexibility in grading for Spring 2020 classes. We realize that you may have some difficult decisions ahead of you, and we hope that this provides some guidance in moving forward.

Keep Going!

Our primary message to you is KEEP GOING! We know these are difficult circumstances with potentially new challenges, but you can do this!

We strongly recommend you do all you can to complete your classes and earn a letter grade. Adjusting your grading choice can have some very real and negative consequences.

We are providing three options for each of your courses still in progress. Not all options will work for all students and these decisions need to be made with the help of your academic advisor and potentially other UVU staff and faculty.

Option 1 - Letter Grade

Strongly Recommended!

By default, most UVU courses are graded on a standard letter grade scale ('A' through 'E'). If you are counting on and working toward a letter grade, don't give up, this is the best option!

Since this is the standard grading structure, there is no action you have to take - it's already set up for you.

Option 2 - Credit/No Credit

For some, the credit / no credit option may work as an alternate to the traditional letter grade. By selecting this option, you would receive either a 'CR' or 'NC' grade. Here's what those mean:

CR - you met the standards for successful completion and earned the credit. GPA is unaffected.

NC - you did not meet the standards for successful completion and did not earn the credit. GPA is unaffected.

This can have negative consequences! See below.

Option 3 - Withdrawal

The remaining option is to withdraw from the course. We have extended the deadlines so you can take advantage of this option. See Withdrawal Deadlines section below.

As always, withdrawing from a course will result in a 'W' grade on your transcript (don't worry - your GPA is not harmed) and does not give you a tuition refund. However, it allows you a safe way to stop the course and retake it in a future semester.

Withdrawals are common on college transcripts.

How do you decide which option is best for you?

STEP 1 - Understand the potential consequences

First, you must understand the potential consequences. It may be tempting to switch to the Credit (CR) / No Credit (NC) option out of fear, stress, or confusion but doing so is risky. There can be very real and negative consequences associated with the CR and NC grades, that's why most classes don't use this grading structure. Potential consequences include, but are not limited to:

  1. Aid Eligibility. Are you a recipient of Pell grants, loans, or scholarships? Your eligibility for these forms of financial aid can change with CR/NC grades! See https://www.uvu.edu/financialaid/aid/grades.html for more information.
  2. Program Requirements. Some programs and majors are not compatible with CR/NC grades and absolutely require a traditional letter grade.
  3. Graduation GPA. How is your GPA? Are you just a little shy of the GPA requirement for graduation? While CR/NC grades don't hurt your GPA, they don't help it either. If you were banking on a GPA bump, that won't happen with CR/NC grading.
  4. Prerequisites.
    • Many courses have prerequisites. Many prerequisites require a minimum letter grade. CR/NC grades are not letter grades. See the problem? We'll do all we can to make this work, but registration for some future classes will likely be more difficult because of this.
    • In addition, some programs have matriculation requirements (classes that must be completed before being fully accepted in the program) - CR/NC grades may not satisfy those requirements.
  5. Course Repeats. Are you repeating a course for a better grade and GPA? You can still repeat a course with CR/NC grading, but it's not quite the same. If you earn a CR grade, the CR grade will be kept and your previous attempt(s) will be excluded from GPA calculation. However, a CR grade has no effect on GPA, so it does not boost it like a higher letter grade would. An NC grade is not accepted as a repeat.
  6. Course Transferability. We hope you stay at UVU, but if you plan to transfer your coursework to another institution, CR/NC grades may only be accepted as elective credit or may not be accepted at all.
  7. Grad School:
    • Do you have plans for grad school? CR/NC grades may not be accepted, or may make you less competitive! While we'd like to think that schools around the state, nation, and world will be lenient for Spring 2020, no one can guarantee it.
    • If you have been conditionally accepted into a graduate program contingent on your completing a specific course with a minimum letter grade in order to be fully admitted into the graduate program, the CR/NC option may not work for you.
    • For current UVU graduate students, please check with your graduate program for information about whether or not CR/NC graded courses may be used towards your master's degree or graduate certificate.
  8. International Students. If you're an international student, you can't have an NC or W because you will be considered out of status with U.S. Immigration. Thus, the credit/no credit and withdrawal options are not available to you.
  9. Student Athletes. Student athletes must maintain a certain GPA to be NCAA eligible. While CR/NC grades don't hurt your GPA, they don't help it either. If you were banking on a GPA bump for NCAA eligibility, that won't happen with CR/NC grading.
  10. GI Bill™ Recipients. A No-Credit (NC) or Withdrawal (W) grade will change your rate of pursuit and could create a debt with the VA for Tuition, Monthly Housing Allowance (MHA), and Book Stipend.  Please consult with the Veteran Success Center prior to selecting this option (veterans@uvu.edu).

STEP 2 - Communicate with UVU faculty and staff

Let's be honest, this can be a tricky decision to make with very real consequences and each student's situation is potentially unique. However, we have some suggestions to help you make the most informed decision possible.

After you have reviewed the potential consequences above, we strongly suggest the following:

  1. Communicate with your instructors
    If you don't already know, find out how you are doing in your classes. You may be doing better than you think!
  2. Communicate with a Financial Aid counselor 
    Making a change to your grade mode can change financial aid and scholarship eligibility. Make sure you understand what ramifications there could be for making a change. More information is available on the financial aid website.
  3. Communicate with your academic advisor
    Some programs simply cannot be completed without traditional letter grades. It is important to know how this could impact your ability to complete your program at UVU.

STEP 3 - Make a decision

This is ultimately your choice, but please be careful and thorough in your decision-making process. Take the opportunity to reach out to the faculty and staff at UVU. We're here to help and want you to have a successful spring semester and to have success as you continue pursuing your education at UVU!


Frequently asked questions

Can I get a refund for my Spring 2020 classes?

We realize that remote delivery of coursework is a different learning experience than you anticipated when the semester began. Please be patient and open to this new approach. UVU will not be refunding tuition or course fees as courses, grades, and credit are still offered. Likewise, student fees will not be refunded. Our goal is to keep you safe, and make sure you still have a way to successfully complete the semester.

Will my classes be converted to credit CR/NC automatically?

No. You must opt-in to CR/NC grading.

Do I have to take all of my classes as CR/NC?

No. You can apply the CR/NC to some and not to others.

Do I get to choose whether I get a CR or a NC grade?

No. You choose the grade mode but your instructor assigns the grade according to the grading standards set by your department and college/school.

How could the CR/NC option benefit me?

If your current performance is substantially lower than your typical performance, or you are at risk of not passing the course, that may be a time to discuss CR/NC options with your advisor or faculty (see consequences above).

What if I change my mind?

Most students can change their chosen grade mode through April 24 (see list of deadlines below for more specifics). After that date, your choice is locked in.

Is this an option for the online courses I was already taking?

Yes. We recognize that many facets of life have been affected by this global crisis. Courses that were already offered as online courses are eligible for the CR/NC grading mode as well.

Is this option available to high school concurrent enrollment students?

Yes, but high school concurrent enrollment students MUST speak with their instructor and concurrent enrollment advisor first.

College and school information

Each college and school at UVU has created an information site specific to the requirements of their programs. Select a college or school to see more information.

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Integrated Studies, Behavioral Science, History and Political Science, Philosophy and Humanities, Languages and Culture, English and Literature, Communication, Master of Social Work

College Information

School of the Arts

Art and Design, Dance, Music, Theater.

School Information

School of Education

Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Special Education, Early Care Education, Autism Studies, PE Teacher Education, Master of Education.

School Information

University College

Literacies and Composition, Student Leadership and Success Studies, University Studies, Developmental Mathematics, English Language Learning, Prehealth.

College Information

College of Engineering and Technology

Architecture and Engineering Design, Transportation Technologies, Computer Science, Construction Technology, Culinary Arts, Digital Media, Engineering, Engineering Technology, Information Systems and Technology, Technology Management, Master os Computer Science, Master of Science in Cyber Security.

College Information

Woodbury School of Business

Accounting, Strategic Management and Operations, Business Marketing, Organizational Leadership, Finance and Economics, Master of Business Administration, Master of Accountancy.

School Information

College of Health and Public Service

Aviation Sciences, National Security Studies, Criminal Justice, Dental Hygiene, Emergency Services, Forensic Science, Law Enforcement Academy, Nursing, Public and Community Health, Respiratory Therapy, Master of Public Service, Master of Science in Nursing.

College Information

College of Science

Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Exercise Science and Outdoor Recreation, Mathematics, Physics.

College Information

Deadlines and instructions

Grade mode and withdrawal deadlines

Whether you are changing your course grade mode or withdrawing, the following deadlines apply:

Full Semester April 24 - 11:59 pm (deadline passed)
First Block Not Eligible
Second Block April 17 - 11:59 pm (deadline passed)
Weekend College April 23 - 11:59 pm (deadline passed)
High School Concurrent Enrollment May 7 - 11:59 pm (deadline passed)


How to withdraw from a class

Withdrawal is not an option for international students

  1. Log in to myUVU and select Add or Drop Classes.

  2. Select Add/Drop/Waitlist Classes from the menu options.
  3. Select the term 2020 Spring then click Continue.
  4. In the Summary section, locate the course from which you want to withdraw and select Web Withdraw from the Action menu.
  5. Repeat step 4 as necessary for each course.
  6. Important! Click Submit in the bottom right corner to save your changes.

As always, withdrawing from a course will result in a 'W' grade on your transcript (don't worry - your GPA is not harmed) and does not give you a tuition refund. However, it allows you a safe way to stop the course and retake it in a future semester.


How to change a course's grade mode

To select Credit / No Credit or to go back to Standard Letter grading, follow these steps.

  1. Communicate with your academic advisor. We also recommend you speak with your instructors.
  2. Communicate with a financial aid counselor (where applicable).
  3. Review your college or school's information website.
  4. Log in to our Grade Mode Selection Form (button below).
  5. Carefully read and complete the form.

Upon completion, the changes requested will automatically take affect in the registration system. A copy of your request will be sent to your academic advisor, the Financial Aid Office, and the Registrar's Office. You may be contacted if there are problems are concerns.

 *Grade Mode Selection Form (CLOSED)


How to view the changes on your schedule

After completing the form above, you can immediately see the change(s) on your schedule in the registration system.

  1. Go to the Registration & Academics page in myUVU.
  2. Select Add/Drop System.
  3. From the Registration Menu, select Add/Drop/Waitlist Classes.
  4. Select 2020 Spring as the registration term.
  5. Select the Schedule and Options tab along the top, directly below the page title "Register for Classes".
  6. Your courses will be listed; look for the Grade Mode column.


Screenshot image of Schedule and Options tab

Spring 2020 Grading Petitions

Posted May 19, 2020

What is this for?

To request a grade mode change from CR/NC grading back to standard letter or from standard letter to CR/NC grading after the deadlines above.

These petitions are not for other hardships. Please refer to the standard petition information and process for hardship petitions.

At least one of the following conditions must be met:

  • The selected grade mode will extend the student's TIME to graduation; or
  • The selected grade mode will increase the student's COURSE LOAD to graduation; or
  • The student was misdirected by UVU faculty or staff in selecting a certain grade mode and has supporting documentation.

Important! For all petitions, the class instructor must agree to the change.


Spring 2020 grading petitions must be submitted before December 21, 2020 @ 11:59 pm.

How to petition

Complete the form using the link below. Log in is required. Your request will be sent to the Office of Academic Affairs and will be carefully reviewed in collaboration with the Registrar's Office and other UVU staff as necessary. Your academic advisor and your instructors will also receive a copy of your request. You may be contacted for more information.

Approval is not guaranteed.