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After initial registration, students may modify their schedules by adding, dropping, or changing to "audit." The Student Timetable specifies the time period when changes may be made. If assistance is needed when making class schedule changes online, students may contact the UVU Service Desk during regular business hours.

Registering for Classes

pdf iconLate Registration Procedure (pdf)
Late Registration Frequently asked Questions (pdf)

  • Before classes begin, students may add open classes or be placed on a wait list for closed classes without charge or approval.

  • Online registration through myUVU will be available through the ‘Last Day to Add Classes’ noted in the Student Timetable.

  • After the wait list period ends, students wanting to add a class late will be required to obtain instructor and department approval and pay a $45 late registration fee for each class added late.

  • Students will need to contact the instructor and make a request to add the class.

  • If the instructor approves, they will email their approval to the appropriate department.

  • Students should allow up to two business days for the override approval to be in place.

  • Once the override has been entered, students may register online through myUVU. (This process will not override any unmet prerequisites or classroom limits for that course.)

  • After the 'Last Day to Add', adding a class will be only be by exception, approved by the department that offers the course.
  • A $45 late registration fee will be charged for each course added by exception.

  • For the last day to drop a course and receive a 100% refund (any refund), see the student timetable. After this date students will receive a "W" grade for withdrawn classes and will be charged the full cost of tuition and fees.

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Dropping Classes

  • To drop a class without a "W" grade (not show on official transcript), students must initiate the process through the myUVU online registration system before the ‘Last Day to Drop’ deadline date noted in the Student Timetable.

  • If dropping all classes students will need to go through the Leave of Absence process in myUVU.

Withdrawing Classes

  • After the ‘Last Day to Drop’ noted in the Student Timetable, students will receive a "W" grade when withdrawing from classes.

  • Classes may be withdrawn through the ‘Last Day to Withdraw/Audit’ noted in the Student Timetable.

  • If withdrawing from all classes, students will need to go through the Leave of Absence process in myUVU.

  • After the ‘Last Day to Withdraw’ noted in the Student Timetable, students will only be able to withdraw from classes for extenuating circumstances approved by a department chair. Students may obtain a Withdrawal Exception Form from the department advisor of their major. (Follow the instructions on the Withdrawal Exception Form.)

The semester, blocks and sessions have various dates and deadlines, see the Student Timetable for specific information.