people icon Wait List Process

A wait list is an electronic list of students who want to enroll in a course that has reached maximum capacity (closed). Wait list is first come, first serve according to the date and time the student selects the wait list option.

Students can register for the course on myUVU. Once the course is full they can choose the wait list option until it is full. When/if a space becomes available the first person on the wait list will be sent an email or Students can Opt in to Registrar Messages here to receive a text message if a space becomes available.   They will then have 24 hours from the time the email or message was sent to go to myUVU and register for the course. If they do not register within the 24 hours they will be removed from the list and the next student will be sent an email. Students are encouraged to check their email at least twice a day while waiting for an opening.

students waiting


  • A course with a waitlist option may show an opening due to the fact that the first person on the waitlist is still pending and has not yet registered for the open seat or the 24 hours has not yet expired.
  • On the Look Up Courses to Add page in myUVU it will show the waitlist counts in the WL columns. If there is anyone on the waitlist a student cannot register for an open seat without first adding onto the waitlist and receiving the email that there is an opening.
  • If a student drops a course that has students on the waitlist the only way to get back into the course is to add onto the waitlist and wait for another opening.
  • If a student does not check their email until after the 24hrs have expired and still wants to add the course they will need to re-add onto the waitlist and wait for another opening.
  • If there is an opening on the waitlist the student can add to the waitlist online.
  • Students may be on more than one waitlist at the same time for different sections of the same course.
  • Students will only be able to get on waitlists through the first week of the semester.
  • When adding a course from a waitlist be sure to click the “Submit Changes” box on the Add/Drop Classes page.