Late Registration

Required after waitlists are turned off for each semester or block.
Late Add Fee is $45 per course added.

General Information

The Registration Dates and Deadlines page outlines the date ranges and limits for adding and dropping classes in the full semester, the 7-week blocks, and for weekend classes. The dates for late registration are relative to the duration of a class and its start date.

After the date when the waitlist period ends, students wanting to add a class may do so with the permission of the instructor and department. A $45 late registration fee will be assessed for each class added late.


See Registration Dates and Deadlines


Step 1

Student must contact the instructor and make a request to add the class. If the instructor approves, they will email their approval to the appropriate department advisor to have authorization granted in the registration system.

Step 2

Once the authorization is in place, students may register online through myUVU. (This process will not override any unmet prerequisites or classroom limits for that course.)

Step 3

Students must pay the late-add fee and any additional tuition and fees incurred by registration.

Registration past the "Last Day to Add"

After the 'Last Day to Add' found in the Registration Dates and Deadlines, adding a class is considered very late and will only be allowed by exception.  Approval must be given in writing by the department and dean that offer the course.