Student Forms

Audit Registration form

Enroll in or change the registration status of a course to "audit".

Register for Audit

Prevent Disclosure of Directory Information form

Lock down your student records so that only you can access them in person.

Prevent Disclosure of Information

Change of Personal Information form

Change your name, Social Security number, date of birth, or gender.

Change Personal Information

Student Information Release Authorization

Allow others, such as parents and spouses, access to your information.

Allow Access

Petition the Registrar's Office

Students may petition the Registrar's Office for exceptions to refund and records policies.

Petition the Registrar

Transcript Request Form

Used to request a transcript for students who attended before 1985. More information and the downloadable form are found on our Records page.

Request Transcript

Late Withdrawal Request

Used to request a late withdrawal after published withdrawal deadlines.

Request a Late Withdrawal