Registration Tutorial Steps 1 to 5

Step 1

To access the registration system begin by selecting the "UVLink" icon on the UVU homepage.

Screen shot of UVLink icon on UVU homepage


Step 2

Enter your UV ID and password here. Your password is set as your birthdate. You will be required to change your password at your first login. Be sure to select a password that is easy for you to remember. If you have not obtained your UV ID, select the "Find my UV ID" link and follow the steps.

Screen shot of UVLink login page


Step 3

To access the registration system select the "Student" tab. This will give you access to add/drop classes, look at your schedule, find your books, pay tuition, and other useful services.

Screen shot of Student tab


Step 4

Select "Add or Drop Classes" to register for classes or change your schedule.

Screen shot of add/drop link


Step 5

Select the semester in which you plan on attend classes.

Screen shot of select term section