The Interreligious Engagement Initiative is a project designed to support a variety of academic and engagement activities related to the study and practice of religion in comparative and cross-cultural contexts. Programming supports events and projects related to religious understanding through academic dialogue and scholarship, and community engagement through targeted outreach programs. Intercultural understanding is an educational imperative in higher education and is among the core values of Utah Valley University. Because religion lies at the heart of cultural identity and relationships, the university is committed to finding ways to facilitate dialogue across religious and related ideological lines.

As part of UVU's commitment to educating the whole person, the university has prioritized the effort to shape the university as an inclusive institution, a place in which people of all faiths, or those choosing no faith,will be welcomed and supported.

The institution is also committed to educating the whole student by providing meaningful activities that contribute to their physical, academic, social, spiritual, and emotional well-being. Given the importance of religion in our community and on the national and international stage, the academy in general, and UVU in particular, has an obligation to address this fact in an open, healthy, and educationally productive manner. The university is committed to innovation and leadership in directions appropriate to our place and institutional profile.