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Stephen Prothero blog posts

My take: Why aren't more Mormons supporting Islamic Center?
A Mormon with a memory: Sen. Hatch greenlights "Ground Zero Mosque"

Articles about Mormon-Muslim Outreach

Mormons and Muslims team up to provide supplies to L.A. school
Mormons, Muslims break the fast in Southern California
Orange County, Calif., Muslims, Mormons break fast
Meeting of the faiths fosters understanding

BYU Studies issue devoted entirely to Islam

LDS Scholars Engage Islamic Thought

Maxwell Institute Publications

Brian Hauglid and Gaye Strathearn,
"The Great Mosque and Its Ka'ba as an Islamic Temple Complex in Light of Lundquist's Typology of Ancient Near Eastern Temples"

David Noel Freedman and Rebecca L. Frey,
"The Dome of the Rock"

Brian M. Hauglid,
"The Book of Abraham and Muslim Tradition"

Selected Essays from Spencer J. Palmer, Mormons and Muslims:
Spiritual Foundations and Modern Manifestations

Umar F. Abd-Allah,
"The Perceptible and the Unseen: The Qur'anic Conception of Man's Relationship to God
and Realities Beyond Human Perception"

Mahmoud Mustafa Ayoub,
The Idea of Redemption in Christianity and Islam

Frederick M. Denny,
"Another Islam: Contemporary Indonesia"

Arnold H. Green,
"The Muhammad-Joseph Smith Comparison:
Subjective Metaphor or a Sociology of Prophethood?"

Omar Kader,
"Thoughts on Islam"

Spencer J. Palmer,
"Comments on Common Ground"

Haji Alamsjah Ratu Perwiranegara,
"Islam and Modern Trends"

Daniel C. Peterson,
"Understanding Islam"

Jane I. Smith,
"Religious Practices of Egyptian Muslim Women"