Midterm Grades

UVU administration strongly encourages faculty who teach freshman courses (and courses that have a high failure rate) to provide and post a midterm grade.


Consider this: your new freshman have spent the last 4 years studying as a high school student, or are coming to college after some time away from school and have had only 7 weeks to figure out what it means to study for college-level courses. Rather than surprise them with a final grade that they weren't anticipating, a midterm grade provides them with the opportunity to make adjustments while there is still time to achieve a passing grade.

Why post midterm grades in Banner when I keep track of grades in Canvas too? As of now, the grades you post in Canvas can't be rolled into myUVU. That means only you and your students can see them. When midterm grades are posted in Banner, both academic advisors and the office of First-Year Experience & Student Retention can access the grades and run reports listing students at risk of failure. These reports are used by advisors when meeting with students. Some students also receive personalized contact from specially-trained Student Success Specialists who provide information regarding resources for extra academic support.

Submitting midterm grades is simple. You will receive a "midterm grade" email at the midterm of each semester inviting you to submit midterm grades for your students. Please see our short step-by-step on how to submit midterm grades.

How to Submit Midterm Grades

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact Jason Terry at 801-863-7408 in First-year Experience & Student Retention.