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Institutional data is combined with data from ACT, IPEDS, Veteran Affairs, Federal Financial Aid, USHE, and other state and federal sources to guide and assess our efforts. Accurately and systematically collecting and analyzing various types of student data guides a range of decisions made by Student Success & Retention. A portion of this data is provided below to assist others in this purpose.

  • UVU Retention and Graduation Dashboard
    The dashboard provides employees with data on student retention and graduation rates. Data can be filtered by multiple variables including college, major, gender, age, ethnicity, etc. Data should be considered "unofficial" and used for internal purposes only. Please contact Michelle Kearns at 801-863-8976 if you have questions or concerns about the dashboard data.

  • CSRDE (pdf)
    The Consortium for Student Retention Data Exchange (CSRDE) at the University of Oklahoma is a consortium of two-year and four-year institutions dedicated to achieving the highest levels of student success through collaboratively sharing data, knowledge, and innovation. Founded in 1994, the CSRDE is probably best known for its annual retention studies which provide executives at two-year and four-year institutions with access to timely, comprehensive, comparative benchmarking data on retention and graduation, not available at any other source.