The Creation Process

Mapping out storyboards.

Step 1

Each pane is first mapped out on a storyboard and then sent to Photoshop where it is brought to life.

Technical lead draws converts drawings into line art.

Step 2

Technical lead line drawers convert the drawings into line art that can then be cut into the thousands of pieces of glass that will be connected by lead borders.

Looking for the ideal glass and textures for cutting shapes.

Step 3

Glass pickers and cutters find the ideal texture, form, and shape of glass for each individual piece.

Cutting glass by hand.

Step 4

The glass is cut by hand or a water jet machine before it is transferred to the template or to the glass painters.

Glass painters painting glass pieces with powdered glass and liquid.

Step 5

The glass painters paint the glass pieces with a mixture of powdered glass and liquid (primarily clove oil, as well as other oils, water and vinegar).

Soldering and cementing lead lines with patina finish.

Step 6

Assemblers solder and cement the lead lines, add a patina finish and reinforce the glass with steel.

Window insulated in tempered glass

Step 7

Finally, the windows are prepped, insulated with tempered glass, and ready for installation.