AED Locations

Automated External Defibrillators are located across campus. View the map below for an overview, or click on a building name to see the specific locations.

AED Locations

Alumni Hosting House


Ballpark Level 0

Ballpark Level 1

Browning Administration Level 0

Browning Administration Level 1

Browning Administration Level 2

Business Research Center

Clarke Building Level 1

Clarke Building Level 2

Clarke Building Level 3

Clarke Building Level 4

Clarke Building Level 5

Computer Science Level 4

Culinary Arts / Building L Level 0

Culinary Arts / Building L Level 1

Environmental Technology 

Emergency Services / UFRA Level 1

Emergency Services /UFRA Level 2

Emergency Services / UFRA Compound

Extended Education Building

Facilities Complex Building

Facility Complex Yard

Fulton Library Level 1

Fulton Library Level 2

Fulton Library Level 3

Fulton Library Level 4

Fulton Library Level 5

Gear up  / H2 

Gunther Technology Level 3

Gunther Technology Level 6

Gunther Technology / Computer Science Concourse

Hall of flags / HR Level 1

Hall of Flags / HR Level 2

Hanger B  / Airport 

Health Professions Building

Liberal Arts Level 01

Liberal Arts Level 02

Losee Center

McKay Education Building

Nuvi Sports Building 

Pope Science Level 0

Pope Science Level 1

Pope Science Level 2