Coronavirus Q&A - Faculty

Last updated: 03/31/2020 2:15pm


How do I turn my face-to-face course into a remote delivery course?

For information and resources, please see the Academic Continuity webpage.

Who should I contact on campus for assistance in transitioning my class to remote delivery?

The Office of Teaching and Learning, your peers, or your college’s Flexible Learning Council.

What platform/software should I use to teach my remote class?

All courses must be taught remotely via Canvas.

What video conferencing options should I use to connect with my students?

UVU does not have official technology support or data sharing agreements for FERPA protections with any third-party conferencing software (such as Zoom, Hangouts, etc.). And, though popular, there are widely circulating reports of Zoom security breaches that are cause for concern. Faculty should connect with students using the two approved synchronous tools at UVU: (1) Microsoft Teams or (2) Kaltura Live Room. Quick tutorials to get started with these tools can be found at the UVU Canvas Faculty webpage.


Does UVU support the use of Zoom for remote communication?

UVU IT, in close coordination with Academic Affairs, has determined that Zoom is not an approved nor supported video conferencing solution for employee or student use. We are not considering adding Zoom to our suite of products. We came to this conclusion for the several reasons, and the details can be found at

Faculty with concerns not addressed by the information provided in this message are asked to contact Kathren Brown, Associate Provost for Academic Administration (


How should I communicate with students for the remainder of the semester?

All communications should be directed to students via Canvas.

How do I access my course?

Log in to myUVU, and click on the Canvas link.

How do I record lectures, post lectures, deliver presentations, create and post assignments, or use other features of Canvas?

Tutorials are available here and the OTL Lab.

Where can I find pedagogical instruction for teaching remotely?

We recommend that you take advantage of two OTL trainings. The first is Canvas Skills for Faculty, a two-hour Canvas orientation. The second is the Online Teaching Academy, a 25-hour certification program which runs cohorts each semester (stipend included; email

Do I have to be available for regular office hours?


Do I need to fill out a Work from Home Agreement?

No. Faculty members are expected to teach remotely. This means they do not need to fill out the form.


I’ve never taught remotely before. How do I ensure my remote classes are meeting the university’s expectations?

You need to ensure that the online environment provides sustained interaction between instructor and students, and that it meets established course learning outcomes. For further information, Instructional Design Services and the Flexible Learning Council are available to assist you.

Will summer courses be remotely delivered?

Yes, all first block and full semester summer courses will be held remotely. Limited offerings of specialized courses and condensed delivery may occur in second block if conditions allow. That decision will be made around May 1.


I teach a lab and/or an applied hands-on class that cannot be taught remotely. What should I do?

All courses, including lab courses and hands-on courses, must be taught remotely. 


Are there any guidelines on how to handle clinical or internship courses?

Please consult with your department chair and dean in these cases.

How can I ensure academic integrity for exams?

You can use Proctorio in Canvas to administer exams in lieu of in-class or testing center administration.

How do I facilitate group work in remote settings?

See the Canvas tutorials and/or contact the OTL Lab.

How do I move grades into Canvas (if stored outside currently)?

See the Canvas tutorials and/or contact the OTL Lab.

How will SRI’s be factored into my annual review during this semester?

SRI results will be considered within the context of the COVID-19 pandemic for the spring 2020 term.

Can I issue incomplete grades for my course because of this transition to remote delivery?

No, not for this reason. Incomplete grades should be issued following policy, as usual.


Can students have a choice to receive a letter grade or a credit/no credit designation?

Yes. Students may choose on a course-by-course basis whether they wish to receive traditional letter grades or credit/no credit designations.


Can an instructor determine whether students in the instructor's course receive a traditional letter grade or credit/no credit designation?

No. Only students, individually, may choose the type of grade for a course.


What should I do if I teach a concurrent enrollment course?

UVU will be sending information to all CE coordinators in the high schools with further information.