Location and Resource Information

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Location Information

A complete list of locations that are available to be centrally scheduled can be found in Campus Scheduling System

  • Alumni & Visitor's Center
  • Canyon Park
    • UVU Culinary Arts is the sole provider of food and beverage service at Canyon Park Building L.  No outside food or beverages are permitted.
  • Classrooms
    Classrooms may be scheduled after the academic class scheduling process is complete, (i.e.,  classrooms for Spring semester after November 1; Fall semester after August 1; Summer semester after March 1). Classrooms may be scheduled when classes are not in session. Food is not allowed in classrooms.
  • Concourses
    Concourses available for scheduling include the Sparks Automotive, Woodbury Business (connecting to the Student Center), Science Building Atrium, and the Hall of Flags. All activity is required to remain at tables. Tables are required to remain within the display zone parameters. No audio or video with audio is permitted in any of the concourses in order to avoid disrupting class or office functions. Approval from the UVU fire marshal must be obtained for each event requested in concourses not listed.
  • Conference/Meeting Rooms
    Conference/meeting rooms range in size from a capacity of 8 to 200 people, and are located throughout the campus. The Student Center has conference/meeting rooms range that can accommodate up to 300 people. Food is allowed in all conference/meeting rooms.
  • Courtyard
    The Courtyard has a capacity of 300.
  • Fields and Outside Areas
  • Hall of Flags/PE Concourse/SB Atrium
    Available space is located between the 'Display Zone' placards on each end of the Hall of Flags and PE concourse. With the exception of UVU sponsored fairs, etc., four individual groups (one table each) may occupy the Hall of Flags and the PE concourse each day (except holidays) for a maximum of 5 days per month per organization. Each individual group will be placed, on a first come, at the northwest, northeast, southwest, and southeast areas of the concourse. Displays must be located so that they are not within ten feet of an exit, exit-way, cross-point, etc. The maximum width of displays (from the wall) is ten feet. The displays must be temporary and are restricted to a week or less. No inflatable displays are permitted. No audio or video with audio is permitted in the concourses to avoid disrupting classes or office functions. Food is permitted in these concourses; however, cooking is not permitted unless approved by the UVU fire marshal.
  • Parking Lots
    Parking lots are scheduled through the Campus Scheduling Office. Currently Lot V is the only lot available for scheduling. Rental of other lots depends on the time of year and availability.
  • Physical Education Building
    All areas of the Physical Education Building (including the area formerly known as the Activity Center)
  • UCCU Events Center
    All areas located in the Events Center are scheduled by calling (801) 863-8767.
  • Wasatch Campus 

Resource Information

  • Catering Services
    Catering for all events is required to be provided through Dining Services at (801) 863-8664 or Culinary Arts at (801) 863-7054.
  • Media Equipment Requests
    Requests for media needs are made at www.uvu.edu/media at least 10 business days prior to the event date.  All groups are required to supply their own equipment for Power Point presentations.
  • Safety and Security
    Some events may require approval from the UVU Fire Marshall 801-863-8021 or the UVU Risk Management/Safety Office 801-863-7977.
  • Table/Chair Requests
    Requests for tables and chairs for all areas, except the UCCU Center, Ragan Theater, or any in the Student Center, are made through the Campus Scheduling Office and must be made five working days prior to the scheduled event. Tables and chairs will not always be available if several events are scheduled for the same date. Non-campus groups will be assessed a $25 per table fee.
  • Tablecloths/Skirting
    Requests for tablecloths/skirting are made through Dining Services (801) 863-8664