25Live Tips and Tricks

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Tip #1:  "Starring"  staryour Favorite Locations, Events or Organizations

If you regularly request a certain location/resource or submit an event for a certain organization, making that item your favorite by starring it, will allow you quick access to information for that item. Information may include location or resource availability, calendar of events for that location or resource, list of events sponsored by an organization, and much more.

To star star an item

    1. Click on the hollow star icon hollow star next to the item (location, resource, organization, event)
    2. The icon will change from hollow to the color yellow .
    3. When you go to the 25Live Home page, the starred item will appear. Whenever you sign into 25Live, your starred items will always appear on the right side of the 25Live Home page.

To un-star hollow star an item

    1. Click on the yellow star icon star. The icon will change from yellow to hollow.
    2. The item will be removed from the 25Live Home page.

Tip #2:  Checking Location Availability

To check the availability of non-starred locations,

    1. From the Quick Search section on the 25Live Home page, enter the name of the location in the "Search Locations" field and click "Go".
      Remember to add a space between the building abbreviation and the room name. (Example: SC 206B)
    2. Click the "Availability" tab to display the availability grid.
    3. To change the date, click on the date link above the grid.

To check the availability of starred locations,

    1. From the 25Live Home Home tab, click on the link titled "See When These Locations Are Available" at the bottom of the "Your Starred Location" section.
    2. An availability grid will appear with a list of all of your starred locations.
    3. To change the date, click on the date link above the grid.
    4. Click on the white box to request the space at the time you need. An icon of a white tablet and pencil will appear indicating the space is available.
    5. Green blocks indicate events are in that location during that time. Gray boxes indicate that the location is closed during that time. White boxes indicate that the location is available during that time.

 Tip #3:  Checking the status of a Request

Log into 25Live

      1. From the 25Live Home Page, scroll down to the "Your Events" section.
      2. Click on the link titled "n Events in which you are the Scheduler".
      3. Click the "List" tab and locate the event.
      4. After locating your event, view the "State" column for your event. If it has "Confirmed", your event has been approved and you have the requested space. If it states "Draft", your event has not been processed.

    Log into 25Live

Tip #4:  Searching for Locations

  • Option A: Using Quick Search
    • From the Dashboard:
    1.  Enter either the individual space name OR the building name in the Search Locations field.
      • Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are the recommended browsers for accessing 25LIVE. Users may also use Internet Explorer version 8.0 or higher.
      • 25Live is a "sticky" web application meaning that it remembers your settings and views from your last visit.
      • Collapsing the boxes will increase the load time of the 25Live Home Dashboard page. Dash
    •   2. Click the "List" () tab for space details such as capacity, features, etc.
  • Option B: Using "Public Searches"
    1.  Click on the Locations tab.
    2.  Click on the Your Location Searches tab.
    3.  Click on the Public Searches option at the bottom of the list in the drop-down box.
      • The box to the right will contain the list of public searches of locations that you can then use for your search. Click on a search to display the locations.
      • QUICK TIP: Users can customize the List view by sorting the columns OR choosing what columns should appear.
      • i. Clicking on a column name will sort the data in that column
      • ii. Clicking on "Choose Visible Columns" dropdown will allow users to select which columns should be displayed in the list results.

Tip #5:  View Information about a Location

  • If you want to see information about a given location, (e.g., audiovisual equipment, photos) right-click on the location's short name and select Details.

Tip #6:  Checking Space Availability & Changing Date Range

  • From search results view, click the "Availability" tab.
  • From Space Details view, click "View this location's availability" which is located on the bottom right.
    • Users can view more than a 1-day availability for individual spaces by right clicking on the space name and selecting "Availability". A date range should now appear at the top of the availability grid.
  • 1. There are several options at this point for selecting a date or date range in the following window that opens:
    •  You can enter start and end dates in the white boxes at the top, but to ensure the dates are correctly formatted, use the next option for entering start and end dates.
    •  Click on the start and end dates in the mini-calendar. You can scroll through the calendar using the <<, <, > and >> symbols. Note that unless you uncheck the "Enforce a Date Range Interval" box or change the interval using the dropdown, the End Date will be one week from your Start Date.
    •  You can click on the "Select Today" text under the calendar for the End Date to select just events for today.
    •  If you want a date range other than a week, click on the down arrow in the Date Range Interval box to see the options and click on your desired date range interval.
    •  If you want a date range interval other than the options listed above (for example, 45 days or longer than 90 days), uncheck the box to the left of the Enforce a Date Range Interval and enter your desired date range by clicking on the start and end dates in the mini-calendar. Note: You can only view a maximum of 90 days at a time, but when requesting an event; your date range can be longer than 90 days.

Tip #7:  Customizing Date/Time Availability Grid

  • After selecting the dates for the space availability grid, users can make a couple of customizations to the grid so it will display the data easier.
      • **NEW FEATURE** Users can now select only specific days to display during a date range. For example, the grid could display only Mondays for an entire semester.
    • 1. Click the dropdown next to "Weekdays".
    • 2. Uncheck the days you do NOT want to appear in the grid.
    • 3. Click the Refresh button. Only the days selected will appear in the date range.
  • Customization: Adjusting time range
    • Users can customize the grid to only display a specific time range (i.e., 9am to 5pm). The default view is 12am to 11pm.
      • 1. Click Preferences located at the top right of the screen.
      • 2. Select Date/Time Preferences
      • 3. Under the Availability View Display Hours, enter the time range you would like displayed in the availability grid.
      • 4. Click "Update Preferences".
      • 5. To update the grid immediately, click "Reload Now".

Tip #8:  Viewing Events in Select Locations

  • Option A
    • 1. Enter the name of the building and/or room whose schedule you want to see in the Quick
      • Search Locations box on the Home Dashboard page and click on "Go."
    • 2. An availability grid will be displayed for either one day or one week. You can change the dates and/or timeframe as desired by clicking on the Date range displayed at the top of the grid.
    • 3. Click on any event name to see the event details.
      • QUICK TIP: To view events for a specific date range, right click on the space name (i.e., ), select "List". This view provides additional information such as setup/takedown times, headcount, etc.
      • Users can modify the date range by following the instructions in Tip #5.
  • Option B
    • 1. Click on the Locations tab.
    • 2. In the Quick Search box, enter the name of your desired location(s). For example, if you want to see events in the Social Sciences rooms, enter "Social Sciences" in the box and you will see events for all Social Sciences spaces scheduled in 25Live. If you only want events in room 136, enter "Social Sciences 136."
    • 3. To view a calendar display of events, click on the tab labeled Calendar.
    • 4. If you are primarily interested in certain spaces, you may want to mark them as "starred" locations (see Tip #3) so you can quickly select them once you log into 25Live.

Tip #9: Checking the Status of Your Submitted Requests (Drafts)

  • 1. Sign into the 25Live site.
  • 2. From the Home tab, scroll down to the Your Event Drafts box.
  • 3. Click on the # of drafts "in which you are the Requestor". The number of events you've requested that haven't been scheduled or confirmed (still in Draft status) with a start date of current or future will be listed here.
  • a. To view details about the draft such as the scheduler name, click on the event name. The scheduler email address will be listed on the bottom left of the page.
  • 4. If you haven't heard from the scheduler within 3 business days of submitting your event, you can send an email to the scheduler.

Tip #10: Viewing Approved Events You Have Requested

  • 1. Sign into the 25Live site.
  • 2. From the Home tab, scroll down to Your Events box.
  • 3. Click on "x Event in which you are the Requestor.
  • 4. The number of events that are either confirmed or cancelled that you have submitted with a start date of current or future will be displayed.
  • 5. Right-click on the event name and select Details to view the event details.

Tip #11:  Those Little Extras You Can Now Do with Your Events in 25Live

  • 1. When you click on one of your events (see Tip #6), in the green-shaded area, click on the Actions . . . down arrow to see the options you have for your event.
  • 2. You can choose any of the options listed for the selected event.


There is a Feedback link at the bottom of the 25Live page. We encourage you to send us your feedback or any suggestions you have to improve the site.

Users can't edit Confirmed events. An email will need to be sent to the scheduling unit with the specified changes.