Scholarly & Creative Undergraduate Learning Partnership Team

SCULPT provides resources for:

  • Developing inquiry-based pedagogy,
  • Encouraging undergraduate research,
  • Developing programs,
  • Mentoring students,
  • Developing skills and traits in students, and
  • Helping identify and pursue funding.

Joining SCULPT

To join SCULPT, just contact one of the following cochairs, and we will make sure you get on the list.  Dr. Olga Kopp is the preferred choice since she maintains the member list. You are welcome to join us!

SCULPT Structure and Bylaws

SCULPT is an autonomous entity housed within Academic Affairs. The Office of Teaching and Learning (OTL) supplies administrative and support services for SCULPT as needed. This group is led and directed entirely by volunteer faculty. We work cooperatively with the Office of Teaching and Learning, the Office of Engaged Learning (OEL), and Academic Affairs. Currently, financial resources for this group are via a Title III grant. Upon expiration of this grant any budget requests will be made by SCULPT through Academic Affairs via the OTL.

The leadership of the group consists of between one and three volunteer faculty co-chairs who serve a two year term and then transition to the SCULPT advisory board for a minimum of one term to help incoming chairs. Chairs are nominated by members of the advisory board and voted on by all active SCULPT members. The advisory board helps make all administrative decisions. SCULPT maintains an email list which is used to communicate about events, opportunities and relevant research. We work to encourage collaboration, awareness, and skills development between faculty from all areas of campus. That said, the function of SCULPT is a recommending or consulting body only for all non-SCULPT initiated activities -- including items originating from academic affairs, OTL or OEL. 

View SCULPT Bylaws

SCULPT Co-Chairs

Jessica Hill, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Office: CB 207-K
Email: jessi.hill@uvu.edu

Joseph Jensen, College of Science

Office: PS 212-G
Phone: (801)863-8666 
Email: jjensen@uvu.edu

Anton Tolman, College of Humanities and Social Sciences 

Office: CB211-A
Phone: (801)863-6011
Email: Anton.Tolman@uvu.edu

Previous co-chairs

Anne Arendt, College of Engineering & Technology, 2015/16-2016/17.

Olga Kopp, College of Sciences, 2015/16, 2016/17, 2017/18. 

Maritza Sotomayor, Woodbury School of Business, 2015/16, 2016/17, 2017/18.

Ana M. Aguilera, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, 2017/18. 


SCULPT Advisory Board

First Last Department
Ana M.  Aguilera  Languages and Cultures, CHSS
Jonathan Anderson Developmental Math - UC
Anne  Arendt  Technology Management - CET
Wendy Athens Teaching and Learning
Rob Carney                 English & Literature CHSS
Kathie Debenham       Dance   SoA
Eric Domyan               Biology  CoS
Sarah Donohue           Dance   SoA
Benjamin Johnson       Student Leadership & Success Studies  UC
Olga  Kopp  Biology CoS
Rich Paustenbaugh Library
Rasha Qudisat Engaged Learning
Linda Shelton              English & Literature  CHSS
Maritza  Sotomayor Finance and Economics, Woodbury School of Business
Susan Thackeray Technology Management  CET