The Showcase of Undergraduate Scholarly and Creative Works

Other Conferences for Students

Utah Conference on Undergraduate Research (UCUR): Feb. 17, 2023 at University of Utah at Salt Lake.

Submissions will be accepted beginning September 1, 2022 through November 1, 2022. Registration for all accepted submissions will begin December 6, 2022 and continue through, January 15, 2023.

Utah Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters (UASAL): Check back later for registration information.


Mentoring Academy and Learning Circle

The SCULPT Learning Circle and Mentoring Academy are opportunities for faculty members to improve their mentoring skills and get training on how to include students in inquiry-based learning, in and out of the classroom. Learning Circle and Mentoring Academy sessions are offered each semester. To register, visit .

Mentoring Academy Alumni

Abraham Teng - Computer Science
Acacia Overoye - Behavioral Science
Alma Laney - Biology
Amber Smith-Johnson - English and Literature
Andrew Creer - Exercise Science
Anton Tolman – Psychology
Ashley Egan - Biology
Benjamin Johnson – Student Leadership & Success Studies
Benjamin Wilson - Library
Bruce Embry - Computer Science
Calley Marotta - Literacies and Composition
Cameron Hopkin - Behavioral Science
Catherine Malone -
Celeste Lojik - Criminal Justice
Chris Lindquist - Academic Emergency Services
Claudia Jorgensen – Behavioral Science
Dallin Durfee - Physics
Dani Taylor - Biology
Danielle Watson-Bowers -
Devin Taylor - Biology
Dianne Knight - Dental Hygiene
Dustin Shipp - Physics
Eddy Cadet - Environmental Tech
Elaine Byrd - Elementary Education
Elena Laricheva - Chemistry
Emily Heider - Digital Media
Eric Domyan - Biology
Erin Riggs - Biology
Evelyn Porter - Developmental Math
Francine Jensen - Nursing
Geoffrey Zahn - Biology
George Rudolph – Computer Science
Heather Wilson-Ashworth – Biology
Hilary Hungerford - Earth Science
Israt Jahan - Engineering
James Bemel - Public and Community Health
Jaqueline Radigan-Hoffman
Jessica Hill – Behavioral Science
Jill Brimhall - Developmental Math
Jon Westover – Organizational Leadership
Joseph Jensen - Physics and Astronomy
Joseph McRae - Culinary
Justin White - Earth Science
Kathleen Young - Dental Hygiene
Khaled Shaaban - Engineering
Kim Nielsen – Physics
Kristin De Nesnera - Biology
Ksenia Ilinykh - Music
Lance Howell - Criminal Justice
LaShawn Williams - Behavioral Science
Lauren Brooks - Biology
Leandra Hernandez - Communication
Lori Santos – Art & Visual Communication
Maritza Sotomayor – Finance & Economics
Mark Crane - English and Literature
Mark Lentz - History/Political Science
Meaghan McKasy - Communication
Michael Bohne - Exercise Science
Michael Rotter - Biology
Michaela Gazdik Stofer - Biology
Ming Yu - Chemistry
Nan Lu - Music
Neal Maxfield - Marketing
Noelle Taylor - Nursing
Olga Kopp – Biology
Paul Dunn - Biology
Pauli Alin – Tech Mgmt
Qianwen Bi – Personal Financial Planning
Rachel Arocho - Family Science
Raiden Gaul - Nursing
Robert Jorgensen - Cybersecurity
Roxanne Brinkerhoff - Developmental Math
Ruthann Cunningham - Community Health
Ryan Leick – Aviation
Ryan Vogel - Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement
Sally Rocks - Chemistry
Sandy Wilson - Nursing
Sayeed Sajal - Computer Science
Sebastien Tauzin - Biotechnology
Seth Christensen - Digital Media
Shane Draper - Exercise Science and Outdoor Recreation
Sowmya Selvarajan – Geomatics
Steve Herron - Chemistry
Steve Ley - Aviation
Steve Wasserbaech - Physics
Susan Thackery – Tech Mgmt
Theresa Haug-Blevin - Student Leadership and Success Studies
Todd Low – Automotive Tech
Travis Smoot - Criminal Justice
Tyler Standifird - Exercise Science
Vern Hart - Physics
Violeta Vasilevska – Mathematics
Weihong Wang - Geography
Yang Huo - Management
York Young - Physics
Zach Hurdle - Mathematics

SCULPT Application for Travel Mini-Grant

Multiple $500 travel mini-grant may be awarded for travel, registration and lodging expenses. CLICK TO APPLY