Student Travel Alone

International Travel

Students are not permitted to travel internationally for UVU without a university employee--faculty or otherwise-- along.  

Details can be found in policy 252 which went in to place in September 2016:  International Travel for Students, Faculty, and Staff (Temporary Emergency) Policy Number 252

Of particular relevance is section 4.3 which addresses travelling internationally with students: 

4.3 Traveling Internationally with Students

4.3.1 University student groups traveling internationally must be supervised by a program director. Undergraduate students are not permitted to travel on university business or university sponsored activities (except student internships) without being accompanied by a university employee with experience in the area to which the students are traveling.

4.3.2 Students participating in international internships may travel unaccompanied, as long as the student completes all internship program requirements, including signing a university travel waiver before traveling to the internship location.

Travel within the United States

Students are permitted to travel within the United States without a university employee along. At the time of this writing there is not a policy in place stating otherwise.