• Using Canvas

    • Hide courses

      • You can hide courses in Canvas so they no longer display under the list of Courses. This can be done from your Canvas home page.
        1. Select the Courses tab from the side navigational bar
        2. From the fly-out menu, select the All Courses link at the bottom of the list
        3. Uncheck the course(s) that should no longer be displayed in the list.

    • How do I change my profile?

      • 1. Login to Canvas.
        2. Select the Profile link in the upper right corner.
        3. Select the Profile tab on the left.
        4. Click the Edit Profile button to update the Name, Display Name, Language, Time Zone.
        5. Select Notifications to set up email notification preferences for each category.
  • Login to Canvas

    • Login instructions

      • 1. Go to
        2. You will see a login page. In the UVID field enter your 8 digit UVID. In the password field enter your password.
        3. You are now logged into UVlink, in the top right you'll see a icon that looks like the one below.
      • 4. This will bring you right into Canvas.
        As an alternative you can also go directly to the website.
        1. Go to
        2. The login page will look exactly like uvlink, go ahead and login using your UVID and password.
    • Login issues

      • Clear the cache and cookies in your browser using these instructions:
      • Internet Explorer
        • 1. Open the tools menu. (In IE 9 the tools menu is represented by a little icon of a cog or gear under the red "X" in the upper right hand corner.
          2. Select Internet Options.
          3. About halfway down the window, you should see the Browsing History field. Click Delete.
          4. A Delete Browsing History window will pop up. Click Delete.
          5. This will delete the cache and cookies for Internet Explorer.
      • Firefox
        • 1. Open tools (or on Firefox 5 click the "Firefox" button in the upper left corner).
          2. On the right side of the drop-down menu, hover the mouse cursor over History.
          3. Click on the second option, Clear Recent History.
          4. Make sure cache and cookies have been selected and click Delete.
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