Login Issues

Everyone who has an account with UVU has been assigned a unique 8-digit ID number called the UVID.  Use the UVID as  the username to login to UVU systems.
  • Find your UVID

    • If you have forgotten your UV ID when you are trying to login to myUVU, use UVU's UVID Lookup Tool. It will take you to a page asking for your first and last name, your birth date and the last four of your SSN. Once these have been entered hit find. This will give you the UV ID.
  • Find your password

    • If you have forgotten your myUVU password, click on the link "Forgot password" on the myUVU login page.  It will take you to a page asking for your UV ID. Once that’s entered, you must hit search and it will send a verification code to your password recovery option (email or phone number). If password recovery options have not been set up, you must go to One Stop to have your password reset and will then be asked to set up recovery options.