UVLink portal provides access to most UVU services. All students, faculty and staff will have access to email, calendars, and announcements. Students will also have access to classes, registration and student records. Faculty and staff will use this portal to access employee services and faculty resources. Everyone is encouraged to login to UVLink regularly.
  • Login instructions

    • • To login to UVLink, use your eight-digit UVID as the username and the password.
      • Users who haven't logged in before, use the six digit birthday in the format MMDDYY (no spaces or dashes and last two digits of the year).
      • If this doesn't work, try the 'Forgot password’ link.  Answer the security questions and the password will be displayed.
      • If the security question is not answered correctly or is not setup, call One Stop at 801-863-INFO (4636).
  • Password changes

    • If you need to change your password, click the "My Account" link at the top of UVLink. Passwords need to be at least eight characters but under twenty characters, have a letter and a digit, and a special character. If you have had your password reset to the default, you will be prompted to change your password when you login.
      UVLink Log In
  • Manage security questions

    • 1. Log into UVLink
      2. Select My Account in the upper left
      UVLink Security Questions
      3. At the bottom of the page, underneath the heading ‘Setup Secret Questions and Answers’ select  Click Here
      4. You will need to enter your UVLink password in the Login Password field, and then you can choose which security questions to answer or write your own. Read all instructions at the top of the page.
      5. Select Submit Setup when done
  • UVLink tools

    • UVAnnounce

      • This section of UVLink shows important announcements for campus and various activities going on. You can view either by month, week, or day and sort out different categories.
    • Calendar

      • UVLink provides users with their own personal calendar. Users can add events or tasks, and add people to your contact book. There is also an option to invite people from your address book or classes to your events.
  • Faculty resources

    • E-mail your class

      • 1. Login to UVLINK
        2. Select the Home tab in UVLINK
        3. Select Online Services menu.
        4. Select the Faculty Services menu.
        5. Select the Summary Class List link.
        6. Select Term and Class Section.
        7. Select Email Class link.
        8. A New Email window will then be displayed with all the students email addresses in the Blind Copy field (BC).
        9. Add the faculty address in the TO line.
    • Submit Final Grades

      • 1. Access UVLink
        2. Login to UVLink using your UVID and password
        3. Click on the Faculty/Advisor Tab
        4. Go to Faculty Grade Assignment in left column
        5. If course and term are not listed, click on More (this will show classes previously graded or those now available for grading)
        6. Scroll down through the list and click on the triangle next to the course you wish to grade (you must click on the symbol, not the course) it will either be green or yellow. Hover cursor over the symbol to see description.
        7. Click on any of the above symbols will bring up the Final Grade Worksheet
        8. A letter grade must be entered for each student
        9. Enter grades and last attend dates. Last attend dates are only required for UW grades. Last attend dates may be submitted by doing one of the following:
        a. Entering the actual date (MM/DD/YY)
        b. Entering NA if never attended- a grade of UW must also be entered
        c. Checking the "Attend Date Unknown" box, a grade of UW must also be entered
        10. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the pate.
        Important: Grades for each individual page must be submitted BEFORE continuing on to the next page.
        11. To verify that grades have been submitted, click on "Confirm Grade Submission" button. Once you have done this, you may obtain a spreadsheet of grades by clicking "Send Email" button.
    • Class Roster

      • 1. Access UVLink
        2. Login to UVLink using your UVID and password
        3. Select the Faculty/Advisor Tab
        4. Select the Teaching menu in the left column
        5. In the Teaching channel, select Class Roster (Downloadable)
        6. Select the correct term
        7. Select the course from the drop-down menu
        8. Click the Select button
        9. To download the class roster, select the DOWNLOAD CLASS ROSTER link at the top of the list of students. You will be prompted to Open or Save the class roster in Excel format.



        A photo class roster is also available in the Faculty/Advisor tab under the Teaching channel. The photos are protected by privacy laws and university policy. They are not available from off-campus locations unless you connect to the UVU network through VPN access.
  • Employee resources

    • Pay information

      • 1. Login to UVLink (with your UVID and PIN)
        2. Click on the Employee tab
        3. Select Employee Services under the Banner Services menu on the left
        4. Select Pay Information
        5. Select Pay Stub
        6. Choose the year you would like to see and click Display
    • Time and leave entry

      • 1. Access UVLink
        2. Login to UVLink using your UVID and password
        3. Select the Employee tab
        4. Select Employee Services under the Banner Services menu on the left
        5. Select Enter My Time or Leave
        6. Click Select
        7. Select the correct Pay Period
        8. Click Time Sheet
        9. Enter hours for the appropriate row and column
        Time and Leave Entry
        10. Select Submit for Approval


         No further changes can be made once the hours entered have been submitted for approval. If changes need to be made, the approving manager must return the Time Sheet.
    • Personal information

      • 1. Login to UVLink, select Employee tab
        2. Locate the Banner Services channel on the left side of the page
        3. Select the Employee Services link
        4. Select the Office Location Information link
        5. If your information is wrong, locate the Click Here link which will allow you to make changes
        6. You can change your preferred first name, room and/or building.
    • Submit a help request

      • 1. Go to uvu.edu/helpdesk
        2. Click on Self Service
        3. Log in using your UVID as the Client ID and your UVLink password
        4. Click Report an Incident
        5. For the Category, put in GENERAL
        6. Fill out the description box with:
        a. Description of the problem
        b. Location/room
        c. Best way to contact you
        7. Click Submit in the upper left corner.
        Submit Help Request
  • UVLink Mail