Indoor Signage

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Hallway Signage

To maintain a standard campus appearance, several standards have been created to meet most signage needs. Using standard door identification, vinyl lettering, and oak framed hanging signs (see below) most directional and labeling needs around campus can be met.

Any special needs must gain approval through the Director of Marketing and Communications and the Campus Space Committee.

Hallway Signage

Please contact UVU Sign Shop at 863-8023


There are many options for desk signage. The following are some standards signs stocked by the UVU sign shop.

Pedestal Plate Holder

Single Sided $7.50
Double Sided $9.50
Extra inserts are $4.00 each

Double Pedestal Plate Holder

$10.50 each
Extra inserts are $4.00 each

Flush Mount Name Plate

$5.50 each

Office Door Signage

Trying to keep up with all the office movement on campus is often a difficult task. The 8 inch square signs are campus standard and meet the American with Disabilities (ADA) codes. As buildings come on line at UVU, door signage is installed as part of the construction cost. As departments remodel or move offices, the cost goes to the department.

For new 8"x 8" signs the cost is $17.50

To change the text the cost is $7.50

Questions? Contact:

Chris Mata'u
(801) 863-8023