First Year Experience Courses

First Year Experience Courses

At UVU, our goal is to help our students feel connected to each other and the institution. This goal is accomplished in may ways including a common book to read, student success courses, and participation in campus activities.

SLSS offers several course options to assist in this First-Year Experience goal, in particular, University Student Success (SLSS 1000). This course teaches powerful study habits and learning and motivation strategies - we highly recommend it!

SLSS 1000 - University Student Success (3 credits)

Want to be a better student and succeed in college?  Learn effective strategies including goal setting, time management, and study skills.

SLSS 1190 - Power Reading and Learning Strategies (3 credits)

Want to become a more productive learner?  Discover how you learn best to understand and remember key information in college texts.

SLSS 1200 - 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (3 credits)

Want to find your voice and transform your life? Build a lifelong foundation of principle-based behavior and habits.

SLSS 2100 - Major and Career Exploration (3 credits)

What do you want to be when you grow up? Learn more about yourself and develop goals for graduation and beyond.