Student Leadership Courses

Leadership Courses

SLSS 103R - Student Leadership and Development (1-4 credits)

Provides an overview of leadership styles, personalities, and organizational dynamics for student leaders. Explores the structure and culture of Student Leadership, Utah Valley University, the governing boards of higher education, and the State of Utah relating to shared governance and student involvement in campus leadership. 

SLSS 104R - Student Leadership and Development (1-4 credits)

Focuses on the nature of leadership, citizenship, and advocacy in a democracy. Provides an overview of leadership and civics as crucial to the success of any leader, including a student leader. May be repeated for a maximum of 8 credits toward graduation.

SLSS 1120 - Leadership for Civic Engagement (3 credits)

Identifies how student leaders can impact the UVU community and the community which they live. Explores student leadership models in relation to change and discover community needs in a service-learning environment. Applies student leadership practices and understanding of civic engagement to inform the UVU community of a local, national or world-wide community need(s). Reflects on student leadership, civic engagement, and community. Practices life-long learning and advocacy for community change.

SLSS 1200 - Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (3 credits)

Powerful, personal leadership. Find the leader in you and begin to build a foundation of principle-based behaviors and habits.

SLSS 2300 - Leadership Mentoring 2 (3 credits)

Provides the ongoing and further development of the theoretical base and hands-on training in leadership and mentoring techniques for peer mentors, and also assists them in further exploring and developing their own learning skills and strategies, and methods for mentoring these skills in others. Explores higher cognitive application and analysis of teaching/facilitating learning as a form of leadership.

SLSS 240R - Mentoring Leadership Practicum (1-2 credits)

Provides the theoretical base and hands-on training in leadership and mentoring techniques as well as an understanding of and ability to apply the UVU Student Core Leadership Competencies. Assists student leaders in further developing their own self-awareness, learning skills and strategies, and explores methods for facilitating these in others.

SLSS 2500 - Leader-Strengths-Based Inner Coach (3 credits)

Learn to identify and leverage your own strengths and the strengths of others to optimize performance.

SLSS 3200 - Leader Teacher and Mentor (3 credits)

Whether you’re a parent, a leader, a volunteer, or in other settings, much of your effectiveness will depend on your ability to facilitate learning in yourself and in others.

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SLSS 402G - Global Professionalization (3 credits)

Underscores UVU's commitment to valuing global and intercultural opinions, backgrounds, traditions, perspectives, and experiences. Fosters an intercultural learning curriculum and an understanding of and an appreciation for, a variety of cultural perspectives and experiences is an essential element of higher education. Invites learners to move away from the view of "difference as deficiencies" which continues to be prevalent in society.

SLSS 405G - Leader Global Contributor (3 credits)

Explore leadership through global, political, economic, social and behavioral systems and earn Global/Intercultural (GI) credit too!

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SLSS 4800Leader Capstone: Lifelong Change Agent (4 credits)

Make a difference by proposing, leading and collaborating with others on a hands-on, real-world project.

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