Student Success Courses

Student Success Courses

SLSS 1000 - University Student Success (3 credits)

Learn to use effective strategies for your success in college and life including goal setting, time management, and study skills. Get to know the UVU campus and make life-long friends.

SLSS 101R - Student Success Topics 1 (3 credits)

Variable credit course that surveys essential skills for success in college. Topics covered include, but are not limited to: memory, note taking, test taking, textbook reading and study strategies, time management, writing processes, communication, and thinking skills.

SLSS 1050 - Library Research (1 credit)

Learn effective information-gathering and skills to prepare you for intensive research and writing projects you will encounter.

SLSS 1100 - Stress Management (3 credits)

Feeling Overwhelmed? Develop effective coping and stress management skills with the holistic approach of this course.

SLSS 1190 - Power Reading Strategies (3 credits)

Improve your GPA! Build your confidence as you strengthen your learning and study skills. See immediate results in test taking, concentration, comprehension, memory, and more.

SLSS 1195 - Speed Reading (2 credits)

Increase your reading speed and comprehension to a new level.

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SLSS 120R - Testing Strategies for Educators (1 credit)

Testing Strategies for Teachers is a course designed for Elementary and Secondary Education Students to help prepare them to meet the requirements to be admitted into the education program and to receive state licensure. May be repeated for a maximum of 3 credits toward graduation.

SLSS 1400 - Dimensions of Engaged Learning (1 credit)

This dynamic program allows students to demonstrate hands-on experience to potential employers, graduate programs, or other post-graduate pursuits. Upon completion of the program, students will receive a notation on their transcript, regalia cord, and recognition during graduation ceremonies.

SLSS 141R - University Forum (1 credits)

Encourages student participation in the academic and intellectual life of UVU through attendance and critical reflection on select academic and scholarly events.

SLSS 2100 - Career and Major Exploration (3 credits)

We are here to help you make decisions about your major and career! Learn about who you are and how you can make important decisions about your future major, career, and life goals.

SLSS 281R - Internship 1 (8 credits)

Provides supervised practical and professional experience for students via internships!

UVST 1100 - Prior Learning Assessment Theory and Practice (3 credits)

Helps students identify areas of learning they may want to have evaluated for college-level equivalency.

UVST 289R - Undergraduate Research (1 credit)

Utilizes Phi Theta Kappa's theme from their "Honors in Action" program as a vehicle to introduce undergraduates to research.

UVST 290R - Community Engagement and Applied Learning (1 credit)

Utilizes Phi Theta Kappa's theme from their "Honors in Action" program as a vehicle to introduce undergraduates to service learning.

UVST 3110 - Theory and Practice of Tutoring Writing (3 credits)

Teaches investigative theories, methods, practices and processes of tutoring writing. Has students practice tutoring as a process, actively participating in tutorial sessions and developing tutees ability to do the same.

UVST 481R - Internship 1 (8 credits)

Increases students' knowledge and skills in personal or career-related areas while synthesizing previous and new learning experiences.

UVST 4930 - Capstone (3 credits)

For UVST BA/BS students in their last semester. Involves reflection on learning, demonstration of the achievement of stated learning outcomes, and advanced development of writing and communication skills.