UVST BA/BS Degree Admission Application Instructions

Thanks for your interest in the University Studies (UVST) BA/BS degree offered through the department of Student Leadership & Success Studies in University College. Each degree is individually tailored to provide a unique, nontraditional major for students whose goals and objectives cannot be met through traditionally existing degrees.

Students must meet with an academic advisor to discuss their unique academic and career goals. Once you and your advisor have determined your proposed degree plan, you will need to complete the admission application in its entirety.

There are 5 sections of this instruction page that you will use to complete the application. Complete and submit the application through the DocuSign link below. There is a preview of what you will be submitting found in the link Application Submission Preview (Section 5). Please follow all instructions when completing the application. When you have completed the application, it will automatically be sent to your advisor to review and sign. Your application will then be sent to the UVST committee members for approval. After the Committee Chair has reviewed the application, you will be notified of the committee’s recommendation.

After you have completed the application, please take time to review it and compare it to the Student Checklist (Section 1). It is important to have your application completed correctly to avoid delaying the application process. If you have questions or need assistance, please see your advisor.

As part of the UVST degree, you will have the option to take the UVST Capstone class or complete an Internship. The Capstone course should be taken during your last semester before graduation. You will work with your Internship Coordinator to plan your Internship.

UVST Capstone course (UVST 4930)

The UVST Capstone course (UVST 4930) is designed to provide an opportunity to develop and complete a project addressing an issue relevant to your personal, educational, professional and/or career goals. Capstone projects may include teaching a workshop, developing a website, afterschool program, video/documentary, or developing business plans or recruitment initiatives. You will identify a project, develop a detailed plan, and define potential implications of the project to the wider community. Toward the end of the course, you will present your final project to an invested audience. Check out Student Capstone Examples from previous students.


An Internship experience is an academic endeavor, with identified learning objectives, for students to apply knowledge gained in the classroom to the professional world and to gain experience in a desired career field for a limited period of time. The Internship Services office can assist students with identifying internship opportunities.


Student Testimonial on BA/BS University Studies: Learning by Design Program

“It was everything I wanted out of my undergrad that I couldn't find in any other program. That project is what I used for my application to get into this masters program (University of Oregon) and has provided me with chances to do contract work with multiple companies to help consult on backpack and apparel design.”

– Preston Case, UVST graduate


For details on Application Sections, see the Instructions below: 

Section 1: Student Checklist & Deadlines

Review this UVST Degree Student Checklist (PDF) with your advisor and check off each area as completed.

Once you have met with the UVST advisor and completed the application in its entirety, submit the application to be forwarded to the UVST Committee for review. The Committee Chair may request additional information or ask to meet with you in person. The committee will rate the application using the Degree Application Rubric (Section 2) and recommend acceptance or denial. After the Committee Chair has reviewed the application, you will be notified of the committee’s recommendation. Refer to the application deadline below to understand the timeline of this process.

Application Deadlines
Applications are due on the 1st of each month. The UVST committee reviews applications monthly, beginning on the first Monday of every month. Students will be notified of the committee's recommendation within two weeks.

Section 2: Degree Application Rubric

In completing the UVST application, please use the Degree Application Rubric (PDF) as a guide. Your Admission Degree Proposal (Part C) will be evaluated by the UVST Committee for recommendation into the program based on this rubric. 

Section 3: Your Academic Plan

Fill in your Academic Plan with the courses you would have remaining if accepted into the UVST BA/BS degree. Please provide semesters, years, and course information for the University Studies BA/BS degree. You will also need to input your planned courses into a Wolverine Track Plan.   

Please review the Essential Learning Outcomes website for more detailed information concerning ELOs.

Example of an Academic Plan document (PDF)

Use this example as a guide in completing your own academic plan. When you are finished, your academic plan should look similar to the sample above. If you have additional courses that do not fit on the Academic Plan section of the form, download the Blank Academic Plan document to add additional courses. You can attach this document to your application form in Part C.

Section 4: Admission Degree Proposal Instructions

As part of your admission application for the University Studies degree, please address the following questions in a 2-3 page proposal. Make your proposal as well-written, grammatically correct, and thorough as possible. This proposal helps the committee know whether or not the University Studies degree is right for you. Your ability to express in writing why the degree is right for you is one of several factors that will be considered as part of your admission into the University Studies BA/BS degree. You will submit this proposal in Admission Degree Proposal (Part C). Use the Degree Application Rubric (Section 2) as a guide.

You may find it helpful to meet with a writing tutor before submitting your application. A writing tutor can review your Admission Degree Proposal and give you feedback. Visit the UVU Writing Center website to make a free one on one appointment with a writing tutor.

Section 4: Admission Degree Proposal Instructions (PDF)     

Final Step: UVST BS/BA Application Submission

Application Submission Preview (PDF)          


We wish you the best of luck during your studies in University College at Utah Valley University.