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What is SLSS?

In a nutshell, Student Leadership & Success Studies is an academic department dedicated to helping UVU students have a successful university experience. We offer courses and programming opportunities for students to develop effective study, leadership, and personal skills in a positive, engaging and challenging, environment.

How will SLSS courses help me?

SLSS courses not only help you maximize your potential as a student, but also in nearly every aspect of your life.  Students enrolled in SLSS courses report improved study habits, grades, and overall personal effectiveness. Comments like this one from a former student are typical:

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"I think every student at this university needs to take this class. It was very helpful for my student life, as well as my personal life as a friend and family member."

How is mentoring connected to SLSS?

SLSS houses the UVU Mentor Program which is a group of peer mentors that exists to help students make a successful transition into college. They partner with faculty in SLSS courses. For more extensive information about the program, including how to become a UVU Mentor, click the UVU Mentor Program link on our site.

What is an FYE course?

FYE stands for First Year Experience. At UVU, we have a goal of helping all of our students have a common experience so they feel connected to each other and the institution. That goal is accomplished in many ways including a common book to read, student success courses, and participation in campus activities, etc. SLSS offers several course options to assist in this FYE goal, in particular, SLSS 1000 University Student Success. This course is recommended for incoming freshmen and all students who could benefit from improved habits of study and learning and motivation strategies. For a list of our courses, see the Courses link on our site.

For general questions about FYE, visit the First Year Experience website.

Where is the Student Leadership & Success Studies department located?

We are located in the atrium area of the Losee Center Building (LC) 407.  Please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

What are Students saying about SLSS classes?

"I took my SLSS Class as a freshmen and I'm so glad I did. It's the best decision I've made in my college career. When I first came to UVU it felt like I didn't know anyone. Because of my two SLSS classes, I run into friends every time I walk down the hall. When my life gets crazy, I think back to the SLSS stress management class and the skills I learned to help me handle it all."



"When I first came to UVU, I wasn't very confident in my academic skills and doubtful that I could succeed. In my first class, Jeff was assigned as my mentor. He believed in me and gave me the confidence I needed to do well in my classes. The next semester I had another great mentor. He gave me advice about school and my personal life that really made an impact. Because of their encouragement, I am a UVU Mentor myself and so much more then I used to be. Thanks to the program, it has been one of the best years of my life and I'm in a very positive place."




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