Mission Statement

The UVU Mentor Program provides peer leadership and advocacy to aid students in their transition to university life wherein they prepare students with success strategies for academic and social engagement that foster student retention.

What is a UVU Mentor?

UVU Mentors are student leaders at Utah Valley University who work with students and professors alike.  UVU Mentors model self-awareness, critical thinking, and commitment to rigorous academic standards. They refine and perfect their leadership skills by serving other students on campus, in the UVU Mentor program, and in the classroom.

UVU Mentors support their instructors by aiding in the planning and facilitation of their classes. As well as actively provide engaging opportunities to their students by leading group and individual self-discovery activities.

The 5 Roles of a Mentor

  • Peer leader- As simple as it sounds, you lead by example!
  • Learning Coach- You help facilitate content along with your cooperating instructor, to make sure students “get” it.
  • Student Advocate- You are a voice for your students, you represent and protect them.
  • Trusted Friend- You are somebody your students can turn to.
  • Connecting Link- You help your students become more connected to campus, and to each other!