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The Center for Social Impact develops active citizens who make social impact in our communities. We do so through curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular student experiences in diverse pathways of social impact including direct service, community-engaged learning and research, social entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility, policy and governance, community organizing and activism, and philanthropy. Our framework is founded on two nationally-recognized models.

Pathways of Social Impact

Developed in 2010 by Stanford University's Haas Center for Public Service, these pathways describe a range of possibilities by which we can make a contribution to the common good. The pathways intersect and overlap, demonstrating the interdependent nature inherent in working toward the common good. There is no one single path and people move in and out of these pathways over time.

Direct Service Logo

Direct Service

Working to address the immediate needs of individuals or a community, often involving contact with the people or places being served.

Community Engaged Learning and Research Logo

Community Engaged Learning & Research

Connecting coursework and academic research to community-identified concerns to enrich knowledge and inform action on social issues.

Social Entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility Logo

Social Entrepreneurship & Corporate Social Responsibility

Using ethical private sector approaches to create or expand market-oriented responses to social problems.

Policy and Governance Logo

Policy & Governance

Participating in political processes, policymaking, and public governance.

Community Organizing and Activism Logo

Community Organizing & Activism

Involving, educating, and mobilizing individual or collective action to influence or persuade others.

Philanthropy Logo


Donating or using private funds or charitable contributions from individuals or institutions to contribute to the public good.

Active Citizen Continuum

Developed by Break Away, a national Alternative Break nonprofit, this is a powerful framework that is used not to put people into categories, but to give language to the journey one takes as they become more engaged, inquisitive, and forward-thinking toward active citizenship.

Active Citizen Continuum, Member to Volunteer to Conscientious Citizen to Active Citizen

Combined Model at UVU

By combining the Pathways of Social Impact and the Active Citizen Continuum to encompass a broader venue for active citizenship, we design programs, initiatives, and collaborations to move students along the continuum from pathway entry points to more substantial community learning experiences.


If you would like someone from our office to present on the services we have to offer or to present on another specific topic such as

  • social impact
  • service-learning
  • volunteerism
  • another topic of your choice

Contact Lori Phipps at lori.phipps@uvu.edu or call 801-863-8786 to schedule a presentation.

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