Real Talk


Understanding opinions that are different from your own is critical to coming together to create meaningful change in our community. Join us for Real Talk as we dialogue about current social issues from a variety of viewpoints. This civil dialogue series uses questions and participants’ personal experiences to encourage a journey of understanding and vulnerability.

Real Talk is the second Wednesday of every month at 2 p.m. in SC 105B.

Real Talk Logo

2018-2019 Calendar

September- Homelessness

October- Sexual Assault Awareness

November- Religious Freedom

January- Activism

February- Poverty

March- Education

April- Hunger

Past Topics include:

Veterans Affairs

Mental Health



Food Deserts



Sex Trafficking

Civil Conversations

Why Civil Conversations? Living in a divided world, it is important for students to come together to learn how to develop and maintain relationships across differences. Civil conversations develop those skills through discussions on beliefs, ideas, and issues with participants who may have differing perspectives and worldviews. 

Brave Space Guidelines

Regarding the tone of our speaking and listening,

  1. We will speak for ourselves and from our own experience, with no pressure to represent or explain a whole group.
  2. We will not criticize the views of other participants or attempt to persuade them; rather, we will focus on being understood and understanding them.
  3. We will listen with resilience, “hanging in” when what is said is hard to hear.
  4. We will avoid making attributions about another’s beliefs or motives; if tempted to do so, we will consider asking a genuine question to test the assumptions we are making.

Regarding the form of our speaking and listening,

  1. We will participate within the time frames suggested by the facilitator.
  2. We will not interrupt except to indicate that we cannot hear a speaker or to seek clarification.
  3. We will share airtime and authorize the facilitator to remind us if we lose track of time.
  4. We will “pass” if we do not wish to speak.