Holiday Assistance

Every November the Center for Social Impact partners with the United Way of Utah County and other community organizations to provide holiday gifts/assistance for families in need.  This is accomplished through Sub 4 Santa and the UVU Giving Tree.  Sub for Santa applications are available in the Applicant section of this web page and at the Center for Social Impact, TRIO, Veteran Success Center, Main UVU Entrance Info Desk, Financial Aid Circle, and the Library's Main Circulation Desk. Applications are due by 5:00 pm on November 22, 2019 to SC 105.

Giving Tree

The Giving Tree benefits children of the mothers attending Springville’s Legacy High School. Trees can be found in November in front of the Center for Social Impact (SC 105) and in front of Vice President Kyle Reyes’s office (SC 109). Items are to be turned in to SC 105 by December 6th, 2019.

Sub 4 Santa


Any student (taking at least 6 credits), faculty, or staff may apply for assistance. The Sub-4-Santa program sponsors children ages 18 months to 16 years old.

The Sub-4-Santa program does not accept families who try to receive assistance for grandchildren, neighbors, friends, relatives, etc.

*Must provide UV ID and proof of age for each child (birth certificate, social security card, vaccine reports, school report cards, etc.).

1. Learn & Prepare

*You will not be able to turn in your application until the steps above have been completed.

2. Turn in application

  • Application packets are to be completed and turned into SC 105 by November 22nd at 5:00 p.m.
  • Applications must be submitted in person

Sub-For-Santa Application (English)

Sub-For-Santa Application (Spanish)

3. You're done!

All applicants who qualify will be accepted

If your family is accepted your sponsor will contact you about the first week of December. They will deliver your gifts, unwrapped, to your home no later than Dec. 18.

*If you do not qualify for UVU's Sub-For-Santa program please visit Utah County's Sub-For-Santa program.


The Sub-For-Santa program is seeking individuals, clubs, organizations, departments, etc., who are interested in sponsoring a UVU family.

Sponsors provide:

  • Two new items of clothing
  • Two new toys
  • A book for each child.
  • Typically costs between $70-$100 per child.

 Sponsors will receive the family's information in November 30. Sponsors contact their assigned family and deliver the gifts before December 18.

Register as a Sponsor

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Sub for Santa?

Sub for Santa is a temporary holiday assistance program that matches sponsors with families looking for help. The focus of the program is to provide basic gifts for children between 18 months and 16 years of age. In order to be considered for Sub for Santa, a family must have at least one child between these ages. Additionally, you must be a UVU employee or a UVU student taking at least 6 credits during the semester you are applying. If you do not fit these requirements contact Utah County Sub for Santa at 801-356-6200.

When is the application due?

The application is due by November 22 at 5:00 pm. You must submit your application in person and provide proof of each child listed (report card, immunization card, etc.). The Center for Social Impact is open 8-5 Monday through Friday in SC 105.

How does a family qualify?

Numerous factors are taken into consideration including income vs. expenses, individual disabilities, unusual circumstances and how many years you have received assistance from Sub for Santa. Please note there is a 5 year maximum of help from Sub for Santa, and it is a rare circumstance to receive assistance more than 3 years in a row.

How will I know if my children have been accepted to receive assistance?

All families who apply for assistance by the due date should receive a status letter by the first week of December. This letter will explain the details of the program and what to expect next. Those who don’t qualify for assistance will receive a letter explaining why.

I changed my address and phone number. Whom should I tell? How will my sponsor know?

Please call Sub for Santa at 801-863-6063. Give your full name, old address and phone along with the new information. We will update your information on our records and will give your sponsor your new information.

I don’t have a telephone and am difficult to reach. What should I do?

Please provide your work number on the application and give the hours you can be reached. You may also leave the name and number of a friend, neighbor or family member who has a phone and is willing to talk to your sponsor. Please make sure this person knows they may get a Sub for Santa call for you.

Why should I accept blocked calls?

Part of the joy volunteers have in giving is to remaining anonymous. If you have Caller ID and do not accept blocked calls, your sponsor may not be able to call you. To undo this feature, pick up your phone and dial *87 and it will allow you to accept blocked calls.


I received the name of the family I’m going to sponsor. What should I do next?

Call your Sub for Santa family the week you receive their information, so they know they are receiving assistance. Use this call to arrange a time to deliver the gifts.

  • Verify information concerning children’s sizes and, if needed, ask for more gift ideas or specific interests of the children if needed (i.e. favorite color, music group, action figure, clothing style).

You are not required to provide expensive or extra gifts, even if they are requested. Sub for Santa is concerned about helping the children first. We do not ask you to help the parents, but you may do so if you wish.

How can I remain anonymous?

  • Phone: To ensure anonymity, dial *67 before calling the number and your call should be blocked from a Caller I.D.
  • E-mail: You are welcome to contact applicants via e-mail, if provided. However, please use discretion to remain anonymous. Also, phone calls may be the fastest way as the applicant may not use e-mail frequently.

How much money should I spend?

The purpose of Sub for Santa is to meet the basic needs of the children in each family. Providing an elaborate holiday makes it difficult for parents to recreate a similar experience the following year. Each sponsor spends money in different ways. Sponsors tend to spend approximately $50-$100 per child on the required gifts mentioned in number 3. If you would like to provide more, we suggest you call us for another family to help so they can receive assistance also.

What do I need to provide?

Sponsors are asked to provide two new items of clothing, two new toys and a book for each child.

Why shouldn’t I wrap the gifts I donate?

Put yourself in the recipient’s shoes; if you were to receive gifts for your children from a stranger, wouldn’t you be curious to see what they were given? In addition, by letting the parents wrap the gifts, you share the experience and allow the parents to play a greater role in providing their children’s holiday. Perhaps you could include wrapping paper and bows for the parents to use (this is optional, of course). It is always a good idea to put the gifts in a black garbage bag or box so the children won’t see them.

How can I be sure the family I sponsor really needs my help?

Sub for Santa is dedicated to helping people who cannot help themselves. An application process verifies that we help those who need it most. A committee evaluates each application according to financial situation, other circumstances, and the number of years a family has or has not received Sub for Santa assistance. UVU partners with Utah County Sub for Santa and follows the Utah County Sub for Santa procedures.

When should the gifts be delivered?

To respect the holiday traditions the family you are sponsoring may have, we ask that you deliver gifts no later than Dec. 18. Christmas Eve deliveries are strongly discouraged. Once you have delivered your gifts please call 801-863-6063.

Need Help?

Contact Amber Hendrickson, Community Partnerships Coordinator