Simlab at Utah Valley University

The Social Impact Metrics Lab (SIMLab) at Utah Valley University leverages our greatest resource—UVU students—to carry out faculty-mentored evaluations of the social and economic impact of programs conducted by local, domestic and international community organizations, with first preference given to non-profits.

We train our students on state-of-the-art qualitative, quantitative and “mixed methods” techniques that are either best practice or have been developed in-house. Together with our partners, we implement effective project monitoring and data collection arrangements, and tailor our practice to their needs. As a result, we help our partners gather the evidence they need to improve and expand their activities.


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Qualitative methods include various forms of interviews (individual interviews, focus groups, case studies, etc.), observations and document analyses.


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Quantitative methods include measurements, counting, analysis of quantitative secondary data (for example, from statistical reports), surveys, tests, and structured observations. Quantitative analysis estimates the magnitude and the distribution of the impacts of an intervention, as well as its costs and benefits.

Mixed Methods

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The more angles from which you evaluate your program, the more significant your understanding will be. For this reason, it makes sense to combine various data sources and data-collection methods – quantitative and qualitative alike.

SIMLab Process


Community Partner Responsibility

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The SIMLab was created by Dr. Andre Oliveira and Dr. Ronald Miller, the UVU 2018-2020 Social Impact Fellows, and is sponsored by Academic Service-Learning and the Center for Social Impact.

Portrait of Dr. Andre Oliveira

Dr. Andre Oliveira


Associate Professor, Economics
Finance and economics department, woodbury school of business
Social impact fellow, center for social impact

Professional Page

801.863.5379 | WB 217
Portrait of Dr. Ronald Miller

Dr. Ronald Miller


Professor, statistics
strategic management department, woodbury school of business
Social impact fellow, center for social impact

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801.863.5379 | WB 217
Portrait of Hilary Hungerford

Dr. Hilary Hungerford


Associate Professor, geography
department of earth science
Social Impact mentor, Center for social impact

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801.863.7160 | PS 213
Portrait of Maria Blevins

Dr. Maria Blevins


Associate Professor, communication
department of communication
Social Impact mentor, center for social impact

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801.863.6341 | CB 502g
Portrait of Summer Valente

Summer Valente


Director, Center for Social Impact

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801.863.6948 | SC 105p
Portrait of Jonathan Westover

Dr. Jonathan Westover


Associate Professor, organizational Leadership DEPartment
Academic Director, center for social impact
Director, Academic Service-Learning, office of engaged learning

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801.863.8215 | SC 105t, WB 147e

Interested in partnering with SIMLab?

Tell us about your organization and its Social Impact Metrics needs and we’ll be in touch about a possible partnership. New project proposals can be submitted at any time. Projects are typically identified and selected prior to the start of each academic semester.