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COVID 19 event regulations may limit the face-to-face nature of events.

Please reach out to Agustin Tino Diaz ( / Work Cell 801-228-0956 with any questions.

   U-Impact Week

Date: September 2021 / January 2022

Location: Virtual (CSI Instagram: @uvusocialimpact and Facebook: )


Description: A week long event the educates campus about the Six Pathways of Social Impact and the Center for Social Impact through a series of challenges, giveaways, activities, and social media engagements

Colorful decorations on campus

Community connection Day   

Students giving service in wetlands

Date & Time: September 25, 2021

Location: Various face-to-face options and one virtual location will be available (face-to-face options will require masks). Please sign up below and we will provide specific location details later.


Description: This event facilitates multiple service projects in the Utah Valley area, and allows UVU students and community members to participate in the project of their choice. Two face-to-face options are available (food prep with the Utah County Food and Care Coalition and community gardening with Snuck Farms). A virtual option is also available to create hygiene kits with Days for Girls. Face-to-face options will require masks.

To sign up visit Community Connection Day Sign Up Form

   Debate watch party kits

Date: Month of October 2020

Location: Pick up kits in SC 105


Description: It's an election year, so paying attention to the televised debates between candidates should be on your calendar! Pick up debate watching kits to connect with other students and stay engaged during the debates.

group of people watching event

Clothesline project   

Student looking at shirts on clothesline

Date: October 2021

Location: and @uvusocialimpact (Instagram)



We invite you to engage with us on the important issue of domestic violence in our community by visiting our online gallery at Whether or not this event will be held face-to-face is still being considered.

   talent Fundraiser - speak out through art

Date: April 13, 2021

Location: UVU Ballroom Commons


Description: This event is an exhibit of art pieces by students from the UVU School of Arts. This event is designed to showcase art that addresses social issues within and outside the U.S. Donations from the event will be granted to the UVU Native American Initiative to support Indigenous students and other initiative projects like community outreach, decolonial curriculum, and more. To register as a student submitting a piece, please use this registration form.

Four students participating in a lip sync contest

Hunger gap: Confronting food insecurity with food sovereignty (formerly know as the hunger banquet)    

Group gathered for an event

Date: April 1, 2021

Location: Virtual


Description: The Hunger Gap is an event that was inspired by the work of the Hunger Banquet. Instead of creating awareness of poverty and its effects on communities, it shifts the critiques of hunger to a systemic level and seeks to highlight the role of activists and community organizers in confronting food insecurity. Therefore, rather than experiencing hunger we hope that participants can gain knowledge of the systems in place that create gaps around access to food and get to hear from people who are actively challenging those gaps.

    Center for Social Impact showcase

Date: April 28, 2021

Location: Virtual


Description: This exhibit will show the many projects, programs, and events that come out of the Center for Social Impact. It will include displays highlighting the Impact Fellows; service learning projects; The Break Down and immersives; projects completed by students involved in the Impact Incubators; and the Map the System competition.

Banners lined in a hallway