cheer squad at basketball game



We are excited about your interest in the UVU Cheer Squad!

The UVU Cheer Squad holds a long tradition of cheering for our Athletic teams as well as doing several other performances and appearances throughout the school year. The UVU Cheer Squad cheers at volleyball, women’s and men’s basketball games. Each year the squad attends approximately 40-60 Athletic games and appearances.

Who are we looking for?

Practice is held three times a week. Participants are expected to maintain a professional appearance: clean hair cuts, clean shaven, tattoos should be covered when in uniform. You are required to be ambassadors for the university and attend public functions as assigned. Regular practices begin in August. We also compete each year at the NCA Collegiate Championship in Daytona Beach, Florida. You must be accepted to UVU prior to try-outs. There is a 2.5 required cumulative minimum GPA for all existing UVU students or any student who has taken classes and has a GPA at UVU. You must commit to be a full time (12 credit hours) student for both Fall and Spring semesters for the year you are on the team. You must also commit to the squad for the entire season (May-April.)