cheer squad at basketball game



All audition information will be submitted online.

April 19, 2018

Open Gym:


  • SLWC-MAC Court

Open Gym:

Our open gym is open to all cheerleaders interested in trying out for the UVU Cheer Squad. Valuable stunting, tumbling and game day material from the collegiate audition perspective will all be taught. The open gym will be open to the general public whereas the try-out will be closed except for to those participating in tryout. Attire should be cheer shorts or and tank tops for girls (no t-shirts), hair should be pulled up and absolutely no jewelry. For guys, shorts and t-shirts are required.

April 20th-21st, 2018

Official Tryout Schedule:

Friday, April 20th:

  • SLWC-MAC Court
  • 4:00 Welcome/Warm up
  • 4:30 Learn try out material-stunting/fight song/dance/side line chant/tumbling
  • First Cuts
  • Time open to master material and stunting skills

Saturday, April 21st:

  • SLWC-MAC Court
  • Noon Check in
  • 1:00 Try-outs begin
  • 4:00 Tentative finish

*schedule subject to change

Official Tryouts:

2018-2019 Applications


Tryouts for UVU Cheer Squad are welcome to all incoming freshman, transfer students and current UVU students. You will be taught all material at the clinic that you will need to showcase at the try-out. You MUST be previously accepted to UVU and show proof of acceptance. Other requirements for tryouts are highlighted below.

There is a 2.5 required cumulative minimum GPA for all existing UVU students or any student who has taken any UVU courses (concurrent enrollment) and has a GPA at UVU to tryout for any UVU Spirit Squad team.

What to Wear:


  • Solid color cheer short or spandex
  • Solid color tight tank or sports bra
  • Hair pulled ½ up and curled with a bow
  • Cheer shoes


  • Solid color basketball style shorts
  • Plain color t-shirt or tank
  • Clean shaven
  • Cheer/athletic shoe

Skill Requirements:


  • Required Tumbling:
    • Standing: Standing tuck, multiple jumps to tuck, and toe touch hand hand layout or full
    • Running: Round-off handspring layout or full
    • Optional running pass will be required
    • Rally/Cheer: Voice quality, projection, showmanship, and appearance
    • Fight Song: Coordination, showmanship, execution of motions
    Required Jumps:
  • Toe Touch, hurdler, and pike flexibility, technique, and height
  • Interview: If needed each candidate will have a short

**Do not perform any skills that have not been mastered prior to your tryout.

Male Cheerleader Requirements

Required Stunt

  • Group Stunt: Toss Target to lib, toss full up, stretch double down
  • Partner Stunt: Toss lib, rewind, toss full up, double downs, etc.
  • Back spotting will be evaluated

Female Cheerleader Requirements

Each female cheerleader will be required to have basic dance technique. You will be taught a short dance routine to perform in front of the judges. The dance routine will include sharp angles, jumps and basic dance moves.

  • Bases/Backspots
    • Required Stunts: toss full up, toss lib, stretch double down
    • Basket tosses may be evaluated upon request of the judges
    • Optional Stunt: rewinds, back handspring ups, high to high full around,  double ups
  • Flyers
    • Required Stunt: toss full up, toss lib, stretch double down
    • Optional stunt: rewinds, back handspring ups, high to high full around, double up
    • Basket tosses may be evaluated upon request of the judges

For more information or any questions about the UVU Cheer Squad please contact