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Welcome, Wolverines!

Portrait of President Astrid S. Tuninez

We know that this is a challenging and unique time, but it is also a time for growth and learning. There is no better place for you than UVU this spring!

As you may have already heard, spring semester of 2021 will be distinct. We are making unprecedented changes to ensure that we can provide you with the best possible education and experience while also ensuring your safety. I am confident that your time will be productive and memorable, you will learn and grow in new ways, and you will make meaningful friendships and connections.

The faculty, staff, and administration at UVU are dedicated to providing the absolute best learning experiences possible using an array of technologies and methods, including online, face-to-face, and livestream. We are prepared to support you no matter what form your classes take so that you will have the greatest chances for success.

So, come get started or be ready to continue what you’ve already started. You are Wolverines! You are strong and resilient!

Your proud president,

Signature of President Astrid S. Tuninez

How to be successful in spring 2021

Spring will be a bit different from what you expected or experienced in previous semesters. Here are a few helpful guides to support your success:

  1. Connect with your academic advisor. Your advisor will be able to help you select courses and answer questions about your next steps.
  2. Take advantage of UVU services to support your success. UVU is committed to supporting you always, but especially during these unique times. Check out dozens of resources to help you succeed.
  3. Use technology as needed. You have several tools to help you succeed in the classroom. Use Canvas for your coursework and to submit assignments. Microsoft Teams, Proctorio, and other platforms can be useful for virtual meetings with professors and classmates.
  4. Embrace online. Online learning continues to evolve and improve. Even if you’ve tried taking a class online in the past, times have changed. You may really enjoy the experience. Give it a try. For additional online help, check out our Tips & Tricks.
  5. Make education a priority. Continuing your education is always a good decision. Now more than ever, we’re making sure there are a variety of ways to continue your progress toward your degree.