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Can I get an application fee waiver?

As of December 1, 2013 UVU no longer accepts admissions application fee waivers.

After I am admitted, how do I get started at Utah Valley University?

In order to guide you from admission to successful registration in classes, we have simplified the process in to 5 easy steps. It is intended that you complete each step concurrently to avoid unnecessary hurdles or complications.

How do I apply for Utah residency for tuition purposes?

You must be admitted to the university in order to apply for Utah residency. Upon review of our Green Sheet, you should visit your myUVU account to submit an application for residency. Feel free to contact our Residency Office at if you have additional questions or concerns.

How do I find information on the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) scholarship?

You can visit UVU's WUE site here. The Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) provides students from the fourteen participating states to attend Utah Valley University at a reduced non-resident student rate. To be considered for the scholarship, students must be from an eligible WUE state, be admitted into an approved major, and complete the WUE Contract through the Scholarship Application on the Student Tab of myUVU. Entering freshmen, readmitted students, and transfer students are eligible. WUE is only available to students that have not previously completed a Bachelor's degree.

Student Life



How do I start a club at UVU?

To start a club you must have selected a president that is a full-time student holding 12 credit hours and maintaining a 2.5 GPA student at UVU. 75% of club members must be UVU students, while the other 25% can be others. You must have a full-time UVU faculty or staff advisor. They must fill out the advisor agreement form. A constitution must be submitted with the charter form. Once all of these requirements have been met, complete a charter form found on our website and submit.

How do I join a club?

Go to the website and click on "Join a Club." To join a club, you're welcome to check out all of the clubs that we have at UVU on our website. Clubs are listed under "Clubs List" by category or alphabetically. Choose the club you want to join. Email the club president to let them know you are interested in joining the club. At the bottom of the club information, you will see a club dues amount. In order to officially be a part of a club, you must pay club dues. You can pay dues through our office, SL-122, at the front desk. We accept check, card, and cash. If you would like to pay online, you can find it through the website under the student tab. Our website has all of the contact information for each club president, vice president, and advisor.

How do I find out what clubs are on campus?

Go to the clubs website and click on the alphabetical club list tab at the top of the page. Once there you can search for clubs, look at different categories of clubs, or look at clubs in alphabetical order.

How do I join UVUSA?

Go to the UVUSA website and click on "Join Us." Once on that page you can select to become a committee member, a department representative, run for student body president/vice president or become a member of student council. Once you make your selection, you will be directed to a committee form or an application. If you want to become a committee member or department representative, you will be contacted by a member of student council.

How do I join the MAWL?

Go to the MAWL website. Click on "Get a MAWL Membership." Fill out the needed information and click submit. You will then be taken to an online payment page where you can fill out your payment information. Once that is complete, you can go to SL-122 to pick up your swag package. You can also come to SL-122 and join the MAWL.

Where are the mental health therapists?

They are located in the Sorenson Student Center in office SC-221. You can set an appointment convenient to your schedule by visiting the office or calling 801-863-8876.

Where is the doctor's office?

It is located in the Sorenson Student Center in office SC-221. You can set an appointment convenient to your schedule by visiting the office or calling 801-863-8876.

How do I sign up for an Intramural league?

Go to and create an account, then sign up for a league or as a free agent.

Where do we meet to play laser tag?

Meet at the Intramural Office.

I'm having a problem with a teacher, what can I do?

Visit the Ombudsman on campus and they can discuss with you how to talk to the teacher, what possibilities are available for transfer or withdrawal. The Ombudsman office is located in SL-212B or can be reached by calling 801-863-7237.

How do I get out of a class?

There are various withdrawal options available according to the circumstance. You may contact the Ombudsman in SL-212B or by calling 801-863-7237.

I'm really stressed out what can I do?

There are various options available, such as Crisis Counseling. Student Health Services offers medical or therapeutic assistance, and other resources are available. You may contact Student Health Services at 801-863-8876 or visit the office at SC-221.

How can I get involved in service? / How can I volunteer?

Come to SC-105 or check out our website.

How can I access the food pantry?

To access the food pantry, you must be a UVU student (taking at least 6 credits during the Fall/Winter semesters. During the summer terms, students do not need to be enrolled in school to use the Food Pantry), faculty, or staff working at UVU to use the food pantry. Check-in procedures: You must check in at the front desk (SC-105) and complete the Intake Form and show your valid UVU student ID at your first visit. On subsequent visits, you will need to check in at the front desk and show your valid UVU student ID card.

Where can I find student housing?

The best place to search for student housing near UVU is on the UVU Housing website. On this page, you will find our Proud UVU Sponsors, an online housing map, an online housing booklet, and the housing classified search. You can also visit SL-214 on UVU’s campus in person for all your housing needs.

Are there any housing scholarships?

Several programs at Utah Valley University provide opportunities for student leaders to receive housing scholarships throughout the off-campus student housing community. These programs include: CAL PROGRAM, HONORS PROGRAM, and the REC PROGRAM.

Do I need insurance to use Student Health Services?

No, insurance is not required to access our services. A small co-pay is usually required at the time of service.

I am a UVU student, are my spouse and children eligible to receive services at Student Health Services?

No, our services are only offered to current UVU students.

How many credits do I need to receive free memberships to the SLWC gym?

10 or more credits. For further information, check out the website

Do you offer Student Life and Wellness Center semester passes for non-students or the community?

No, we don’t offer semester passes to non-students or community members. However non-students or community members can purchase a 20 visit punch pass for $50 ($100 value), or they can pay a daily $5 guest pass per person per day.

How do I schedule a room in the SLWC or Sorensen Student Center?

Submit your request through the reservation system 25Live. Reservations of meeting space by campus employees can be made by clicking on the “Submit An Event” request tab at the top of Off-campus groups fill out the form on this link.

How do I get my recycling picked up?

Call x8869 or report a full bin.


Student Success & Retention



What are eligibility requirements to become a TRIO SSS participant?

To be eligible to become a TRIO SSS participant, a student must be a U.S. citizen, national, or eligible to receive federal student financial assistance. He/she must also be enrolled or accepted for enrollment at UVU. Next, he/she must be low income, first generation, or a student with disabilities.

How many students does UVU’s TRIO SSS Project serve?


Can Native American students qualify for In-State tuition if they are not Utah residents?

If a student can prove membership in any one of Utah’s 8 officially recognized tribes, then they can qualify for resident tuition rates by submitting a Certificate of Indian Blood or other official tribal membership documentation to the Admissions Office. For guidance on acceptable documents, please see the Native American Initiative or Multicultural Student Services.

Are there scholarships for Multicultural Students?

Yes, students can apply for our institutional Cultural Diversity scholarship available on the UVU Scholarship Application in students’ myuvu accounts. Additionally, Multicultural Student Services, Latino Initiative, Native American Initiative, and the Pacific Islander initiative also try to publicize other external scholarship opportunities.

Does UVU offer on-campus housing?

No, but we have a housing office to help students identify appropriate housing. Additionally, the staff in Multicultural Student Services are happy to discuss housing options for students at UVU.

What are the benefits of utilizing the resources of the Career Development Center, and when should I start?

The primary benefit of utilizing the Career Development Center (CDC) is the opportunities that exist for connecting with employers in a variety of different ways, making the transition from college to career much easier. Our resources provide assistance with career exploration (i.e. job shadowing, informational interviews, excursions to visit companies, etc.) and career preparation (tips for networking, job search strategies, building resumes, mock interviews, etc.). The Career Development Center recommends that students start engaging in career development from the very beginning of their academic careers. Planning intentionally from the beginning provides a huge advantage over students who procrastinate their job search for after graduation. We have a program called CareerPassport that provides an outstanding avenue to create a career plan and begin career development from the very start. We provide one-on-one career counseling with counselors dedicated as liaisons and subject matter experts for each major so that students benefit from personalized and informed professionals. Lastly, the CDC hosts a variety of networking events and career fairs so that students have a direct line to employers of interest in their fields of study.

What steps should I be taking now to develop a career plan that will help me find a job/career?

First, work with your career counselor to identify and know what type of industry and job you would like to pursue after graduation. Second, know what skills and qualifications are necessary to hold the position you seek. Third, take classes that will prepare you to be qualified for part-time jobs and/or internships in that industry. Fourth, continue working with your career counselor to build a professional resume and cover letter, and hone your interviewing skills by participating in mock interviews. Fifth, the number one way to find a job is through networking. Attend company information sessions and open houses, networking events, career and internship fairs, professional conferences, and any other events that will help you build connections within the industry. Sixth, obtain a job or internship in your field of study to get established and to gain the necessary related skills and qualifications. Lastly, continue to meet with your career counselor often to ensure you are on the right track for meeting your long-term career goals. It is on you to do the work; however, the Career Development Center is available with countless resources to help in the career development process

What do the letters in LGBTQIA+ stand for?

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual and Ally. The “+” includes additional sexual or gender identities including demisexual, agender, etc. For individuals wishing to gain a greater understanding of each of these identities, sign up for Safe Zone training at

What kinds of services and programming does UVU offer for the LGBTQIA+ community?

Discussion groups, trainings, activities, events, etc. are all found at the LGBT Student Services website.

What is the purpose of UVU’s International Student Services (ISS) department?

Our staff members are experts in the immigration regulations pertaining to non-immigrant F and J visa holders and we help students comply with immigration regulations. ISS’s goal is to help international students be successful at UVU. ISS Staff organizes orientations, advises the International Student Council (ISC), manages international student financial aid, and organizes community engagement, cultural, and service activities.

If I want to get to know an international student at UVU or participate in activities, who do I contact?

Contact the International Student Council at

How do I have my orientation hold removed?

Call our Orientation office at 801-863-5491. We can look up your student records and give detailed instructions on how to have your orientation hold removed

I am on my mission, how do I start the whole UVU process (registration etc.)?

If you aren’t admitted yet you are going to want to go to the admissions website and fill out the application. If you are admitted, then you will need to meet with your academic advisor and complete orientation. Advisors can do over-the-phone appointments or if you have granted permission to a parent or guardian to access your accounts, they can speak on your behalf. As far as orientation goes, if you are a freshman and your mission president allows, you can complete the online orientation. Once you are home, you can pick a Jumpstart Orientation date that works with your schedule. If you are a transfer student, all you need to do is the online orientation. If your mission president wouldn’t allow you to complete the online orientation, we can temporarily remove your hold until you get home from your mission, allowing you or your parent or guardian to sign you up for classes.

How do I grant access to my parents if I am already on my mission?

You can fill out the online version of the form here.

Where is the Veteran Success Center located? How do I contact them?

Woodbury Business Building, WB-100, 800 West University Parkway, Orem, UT 84058; (801) 863-8212;

How do I know what benefits I am entitled to?

The UVU Veteran Success Center does not determine benefit eligibility, contact the VA at (800) 442-4551.

Is the UVU Veteran Success Center a part of the VA?

The Veteran Success Center is not a part of the VA. Center employees work for Utah Valley University.

Can the Veteran Success Center help me out with other VA benefits?

The Veteran Success Center can provide general information about benefits but the best place to visit is

Where do I park to take an exam if I don’t have a parking pass?

If you are a current UVU student, you will need to register your vehicle with Parking Services. There is a free parking pass option to park in the purple lot, but you must have the pass to park there.

If you are not a student, park in the lot across the street from the testing center and contact Parking Services at 801-863-8188 and let them know you need to take an exam. They will ask for your license plate number and the make and model of your car.

When is the Accuplacer given?

The Accuplacer is given on a walk-in basis anytime we are open. We do recommend students come in at least two hours before we close our doors.

How many times can I take the Accuplacer?

You can take the Accuplacer up to 3 times in a 6 week period, with 24 hours between each retake.