Computer Lab Rules

-No food or beverages are allowed within the labs.

-Children must be quiet while in the labs.

-Do not leave your machine unattended.

-Activities such as disruptive talking, viewing images or Web sites that are offensive to others, or sending harassing messages are not permitted.

-Recreational use of the Internet (such as gaming and chatting) and e-mail are considered low-priority activities.

You will be asked to quit using these applications if others are waiting to use the lab for homework and research.

-Do not violate the copyright or license agreements of college software by making unauthorized copies.

The college will prosecute those who infringe upon copyrights.

-E-mail is for person-to-person communication.

Do not send messages to large groups of people.

-Neither the lab, nor lab assistants, can be responsible for data saved on the network.

Be sure to backup important data onto the cloud or a portable drive. Always have more than one copy of your data. Create a secure password that you can remember.

For more information check the following college policy documents: Appropriate Use of Computing Facilities, Computer Maintenance, and Copyrights. Violation of the these policies may result in your account being disabled, or in complete revocation of all computing privileges. You may also be liable for civil and/or criminal penalties in accordance with the above documents and the laws of the State of Utah.