Print @ UVU

What is Print @ UVU?

Wireless printing! Print @ UVU enables you to print to a selection of printers from the UVU wireless network. Additionally, students can add credit to their "PCredit" print balance.

What printers can I print to?

The printers in the student computer labs and kiosk centers; you can find an available printer by using the printer location map.

How do I get started with wireless printing?

Carefully read & follow the setup instructions.

How much does printing cost?

Printing costs 5 cents per black & white page and 20 cents for each color page. At the beginning of each semester your print balance starts out with a credit of $10.00.

How do I add Print Credits to my UVID print balance?

Use your credit or debit card to add to your print balance within the Student Campus Services page on myUVU. Extra print credit can be added with a credit card or cash. You must be on a campus network (wifi or ethernet) to access the print credit system. NOTE!: Only add as much credit as you intend to use for the current semester because these balances are reset at the beginning of each new semester and any unused balance will be lost.

Need Help with printing? Visit the printing setup page for more information.


Looking for a printer? Find the one nearest to you.