Printer Setup: Instructions for Wireless Printing

  1. Enter your UV ID number and your password at:
  2. Once you are logged in follow these steps to print.
    1. Click the “Web Print” tab on the left hand side.
    2. Click “Submit a Job”
    3. Select your preferred printer
    4. Scroll to the bottom and click “Print Options and Account Selection”
    5. Select the number of copies to print and then click “Upload Documents”
    6. Select “upload from computer” and find your file, click on it and then click open.
    7. Click “Upload and Complete”

The Papercut program only prints PDFs or files formatted for these specific programs

    1. a) Microsoft Word.
    2. b) Microsoft Excel.
    3. c) Microsoft Power Point.
    4. d) Microsoft Publisher.
file types



  • To print any web documents such as articles, emails, receives, etc. the document should be converted to a PDF file.
  • To create a PDF file from a web document, go to Then click “Free Download.”
  • To create a PDF file select your web document and then click “Print”. Select “CutePDF Writer” and then click “Print”. Save your document in any folder you prefer.
  • The Pcounter program does not print single PowerPoint slide or data sheets from Microsoft excel
    • To print any slides from Power Point create a PDF file.
    • To print a specific data sheet from an Excel file create a PDF file.
  • For any questions or comments please contact the lab tech in any of the student computer labs.