Disciplinary Records

Students' disciplinary records are retained by the Office of Student Conduct in order to maintain a single institutional standard for the retention of records of Code of Conduct actions.


While a student’s disciplinary records are not reflected on their UVU transcript, they most often become an issue if the student plans to attend graduate school or law school, or apply for federal employment. Very often, these agencies conduct educational background checks. If a student has graduated, or if their disciplinary records are at least 5 years old, they may apply to the director of Student Conduct to have their records removed. Application for disciplinary record removal does not guarantee removal. Student Conduct takes the following factors into consideration:

  • How much time has elapsed since the infraction.
  • Whether the student has graduated
  • The seriousness of the infraction and the resulting sanctions. Institutional suspension, expulsion, and revocation of admission or degree shall be considered for expunging only upon application by the student to the Director of Student Conduct and then only with the concurrence of the relevant Dean, Vice President, and the President.

Records are kept in order to hold students accountable for remedying violations of the Code of Conduct, and to hold administrators accountable for their disciplinary decisions. When a student’s record shows multiple infractions their case may be reviewed, and further sanctions may be imposed if appropriate.

student sitting in a hallway