Drug & Alcohol Policy

For Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco laws and prevention visit the Wellness Programs Website.

Reporting Drug and Alcohol Violations

In case of emergency call 911 or Campus Police directly 801-863-5555. Violations of the Drug and Alcohol Policy should be reported to Student Conduct 801-863-8665.

Drug and Alcohol Policy and Procedure

Utah Valley University is a drug-free campus and has a “zero tolerance” alcohol and drug policy. UVU has developed an alcohol and tobacco and other drug policy not only in response to the federal drug-free legislation, but also to encourage and sustain an academic environment that promotes the health, safety, and welfare of all members of its community.

Alcoholic beverages, unlawful drugs, and other illegal substances shall not be consumed, used, carried, sold, or unlawfully manufactured on any property or in any building owned, leased, or rented by UVU, or at any activity sponsored by the College.

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Sanctions for Alcohol or Drug Policy Violations

  1. A First Violation of the Alcohol and Drug Policy will require the student to follow-up with the appropriate staff from Student Conduct. This may include a phone call, meeting, or disciplinary hearing, depending on the severity of the incident; as well as a set of possible recommendations for substance abuse education and/or assessment and counseling.
  2. A Second Violation of the Alcohol and Drug Policy may result in a disciplinary hearing, and will result in a mandatory substance abuse assessment and completion of a substance abuse education program. Depending on the severity of the incident, family members may be notified.
  3. Sanctions may otherwise include (but are not limited to) disciplinary probation, fines, parental notification (mandatory for students under 21 at the time of the notification), and disciplinary suspension.