Care providers at Student Health Services can prescribe pharmaceuticals, as well as answer questions you might have regarding your medications, or "over the counter" products.

Many medications are very expensive. SHS offers prescription assistance in conjunction with pharmaceutical companies for low-income and uninsured students. Speak with the Nurse Practitioners or Medical Assistants for specific details of these programs.

Medical Services does not stock narcotics or other controlled substances. There is not a pharmacy located on campus.

Medical Services

General guidelines when taking prescribed medications:

  1. Follow directions exactly.
  2. Finish ALL the medication if instructed.
  3. Do not remove medication from the labeled container.
  4. Report any side effects to your health care provider.
  5. Disclose any allergies.
  6. Disclose use of any over the counter, herbals or illegal substances you may be taking prior to starting any new medication.
  7. Never share medications.
  8. Never take antibiotics unless instructed by your health care provider - "Use the right drug, for the right bug".