Couples Counseling

Many times couples in a dating, pre-marital or marital relationship need help in resolving a glitch in their relationship. One of the services offered by Mental Health Services (MHS) is couples counseling. Several of the professional staff have specialized training in couples therapy.

Below is a list of symptoms to help you and your partner assess whether your relationship could use professional help:

  • Lack of trust between partners
  • One or both partners feel they are being verbally or emotionally abused
  • Physical Abuse
  • A feeling of being controlled by your partner
  • A feeling you are not being understood and/or appreciated by your partner
  • Physically and/or emotionally withdrawing from your partner
  • A feeling of not being listened to by your partner
  • Lack of common values and interests between partners
  • Easily provoked to irritation and anger by your partner
  • Mixed feelings of love/dislike of your partner

Of course there is no guarantee that couples counseling is the answer, but the MHS therapists are ready and willing to help you and your partner with these issues so you can have a more satisfying relationship. Please call 801-863-8876 or drop by SC 221 to make an appointment.

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