Practicum/Externship Program


Utah Valley University’s Student Health Services welcomes you to our site, and we hope that you will find answers to your questions as you navigate through the information we have provided here. Please feel free to email if you have further questions.

The Practicum Student Internship Program and Externship Program offered at UVU is appropriate for applicants who are students of graduate psychology and counseling programs. Applicants should be in programs capable of preparing them for eventual licensure as a Psychologist or Clinical Mental Health Counselor and must be cleared by their programs to apply for practicum or externship.

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Program Description

Those accepted as practicum students or externs will have the opportunity to provide face-to-face counseling to a diverse college student population under the supervision of licensed staff and supervised doctoral interns. Our goal is to provide practicum students and externs the opportunity for increased development of their knowledge, skills, values, and aptitudes in the practice of professional psychology while providing quality counseling services to students of UVU. This will be accomplished through practicum students and externs providing direct and indirect services to UVU students; receiving supervision; attending meetings, trainings, and conferences; and completing projects aimed at honing clinical skills as needed.

The hours available for the practicum student program and the extern program vary from semester to semester according to demand, office space, and funding. It is important to note that hours cannot be guaranteed; however, we have been able to make various arrangements with our practicum students and externs in the past and will continue to do our best to meet those needs in the future.

It is anticipated during the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters that appointment hours will be available between the hours of 8-5 Mondays-Thursdays and 8-4 Fridays.

It is required of practicum students and externs to attend the 2-hour weekly staff meeting held on Tuesdays from 9-11 am. These meetings provide opportunities to consult on cases, enhance knowledge through didactic information, and keep abreast of pertinent information regarding the operations of Student Health Services.


Weekly supervision is provided to practicum students by our doctoral interns who are under the direct supervision of a licensed clinician. Externs will receive supervision from a doctoral intern and/or a licensed clinician. Additional supervision is available to both practicum students and externs at our staff meetings where several licensed clinicians of varying backgrounds provide feedback to staffed cases. It is expected that each practicum student and extern will come prepared to discuss a case every week. Additionally, at least one formal case presentation is required by each practicum student and extern for each semester or block worked at Student Health Services.

It is required that all sessions be video recorded. In order to protect confidentiality, these recordings are encrypted onto flashdrives provided by Student Health Services and are to remain on the premises at all times. It is not permissible at any time for practicum students or externs to take video recordings outside of Student Health Services. If this creates a problem with an applicant’s program, it is the applicant’s responsibility to identify an alternative that satisfies the needs of their educational program and those of Student Health Services.

The length of time that a practicum student internship or externship lasts is negotiable depending on the needs of the applicants and of Student Health Services. We request that applicants identify the amount of time they would like to commit to the center when filling out the application. Continuation of a practicum student internship or externship will be assessed on a semester by semester basis based on performance and available resources. Student Health Services maintains the right to terminate a practicum student internship or externship when there is just cause.

For more information about Student Health Services, please visit our website at

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Application Procedure

If you are interested in applying, please complete the application form (pdf) and email it and your resume to Upon review, viable candidates will be invited to interview. Following the interviews, a final decision will be made and the applicants will be notified of their status.

If an applicant is approved for a practicum internship or an externship, they are required to provide documentation that they are currently enrolled in a qualifying graduate program and is covered by liability insurance. Also, please be advised that any approved applicants will be expected to abide by the procedures laid out in the practicum/extern training manual and the UVU Code of Conduct.