Concerned About a Student

Concerns of Wellbeing

Some students thrive in the new and exciting environment of higher education. Unfortunately, sometimes this great environment of growth can be overwhelming to students. Anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties can all put an emotional burden on students. If you have a concern regarding a student, share that concern and let us help ( list subject as "Concerned About A Student").


UVU Mental Health Services

Concerns of Suicide If you are concerned that a student may be contemplating suicide please share your concern. The university has professionals that are ready to help individuals in crisis. We also have a 24-hour response line where a UVU counselor will call to help students in crisis. This service is accessed by calling the UVU police dispatch (801-863-5555). You can share your concern with us ( list subject as "Concerned About A Student").

UVU Suicide Prevention Program
National hotline number – 1-800-273-TALK

Mental Health

Concerns of Violence

Violence is a process, as well as an act. Violent behavior does not occur in a vacuum. Careful analysis of violent incidents shows that violent acts often are the culmination of long-developing, identifiable trails of problems, conflicts, disputes, and failures.

Violence is the product of an interaction among three factors:

  1. The individual who takes violent action.
  2. Stimulus or triggering conditions that lead the subject to see violence as an option, a way out, or a solution to problems or life situations.
  3. A setting that facilitates or permits the violence, or at least does not stop it from occurring.

A key to investigation and resolution of threat assessment cases is identification of the subject’s behaviors. Perpetrators of targeted acts of violence engage in discrete behaviors that precede and are linked to their attacks; they consider, plan, and prepare before engaging in violent actions.

Threatening situations are more likely to be successfully investigated and managed if sources of information are recognized and used to help solve problems within a given case. If you are concerned about an individual’s behavior on the UVU campus, report your concern ( list subject as "Concerned About A Student").

Student Concerning Writing
Student Response Team (SRT) Protocol
Recognizing and Defusing Risk Presentation