Faculty Fellowship

The Action Learning Faculty Fellowship program is sponsored by the Office of Student Involvement. The goal is to support faculty as they create action learning projects and expeditions. As part of the fellowship, faculty will receive the following:

  • Resources to assist with the design and development of and innovative action-learning projects and expeditions
  • Assistance in creating and building community and professional partnerships,
  • Assistance in orienting students to action learning,
  • Assistance in structuring appropriate reflection exercises, and,
  • Assignment of an Action Learning Mentor (student leader) to assist in action learning activities, expeditions building and facilitating.

Fellows are awarded a stipend as part of the training. The training constitutes five discussion and building sessions.

Faculty Learning Fellows

The Office of Student Involvement sponsors the Student Engaged Learning Fellowship Program. The goal of the SELFP is to train and support faculty in working with students in integrative experiential learning projects in or outside the class room and/or off-campus learning expeditions, and in finding and forming relationships with off-campus entities who desire to work with students in engaged learning experiences.

Faculty will use the fellowship to integrate engaged-student learning into their course. As part of the fellowship, faculty will receive the following:

  • Readings and resources to assist them with the design and development of innovative action learning activities and expeditions.
  • Assistance in forming business and community partners and preparing and orienting students to an engaged-learning activity or expedition.
  • Assistance in building and facilitating integrative engaged learning initiatives, elements, content or University Projects.
  • Assistance in planning and facilitating outside the class engaged learning experiences.

Fellows are awarded a stipend of up to $500.00, $100 for each session and learning expedition attendance. Each faculty member awarded a fellowship will agree to do the following:

  • Attend and participate in five fellowship sessions and an engaged-learning expedition or University Project.
  • Build or revise a syllabus for at least one course to include integrative student engaged-learning components.
  • Commit to incorporate an innovative action learning activity or expedition in at least one class for the following semester or calendar school year (may include summer class, which includes an expedition or University Project).