Action Learning Communities

An Action Learning Community (ALC) is a student lead engaged learning community. An ALC is created with the express purpose of pursuing higher-learning by engaging in focused activities which naturally bring greater understanding and skill to the students and their community of learners. ALC's move beyond just meeting, talking and engaging in regular activities; they actively engage the entire student in stretching, creating and becoming as they create engaged learning experiences. Working together, often with Action Learning Community Partners, such engaged learners are an Action Learning Community.

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Here's some possibilities:

Personal fitness • International travel • Health and fitness • Cooking • National Park adventures • Personal improvement • Local Adventure Travel Sites • Writing your own book • Parenting strategies • Cake decorating • Service in the community • Mountain biking • Drawing • Golfing • Scuba Diving • Jewelry making • Genealogy • Indoor Rock Climbing • Fly fishing • Sculpture • Stained-glass Creations • Oil painting • Scrapbooking • Water color painting • Musical composition • Road biking • Personal histories • Rock crawling (trucks) • Geo-tracking • NASCAR/High Performance Racing • Crossword puzzles • Photography!

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