Community of Learning

UVU students providing live blogging at a national conference in Los Angeles, California (pictured right)

The Office of Student Involvement creates Action Learning Communities. Action learning is learning outside the "box." While concepts can be studied and discussed in a classroom, an action learner moves outside the classroom to engage the world.

As the student moves from the classroom to the world, it necessitates the use and development of aggressive listening and watchful perceiving, strategic planning and leading, reflective understanding and visioned building. In short, the passive learner becomes the dynamic, engaged learner and performer. The action learner doesn't just mimic the viewed performance, they do and build on what they are engaged in.

As a student at UVU, you have the opportunity to work and learn with other students in such a dynamic learning environment by creating your own Action Learning Community. The Office of Student Involvement (OSI) assists you in building that community and in creating and facilitating professional and community partnerships that will engage your mind and skills at the highest level. Visit the OSI to get started.


live blogging students